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Survey Finds Majority of Students Favor Ban on ‘Hurtful or Offensive’ Speech

Survey Finds Majority of Students Favor Ban on ‘Hurtful or Offensive’ Speech

“These viewpoints are troubling”

We need a new pro-free speech movement in America. This is not going to get any better until we do.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Majority of students favor college bans of ‘hurtful or offensive’ speech

Colleges and universities should be able to curtail hurtful and offensive political views on campus, according to students surveyed in recent poll.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education released a survey Wednesday that found more than 50 percent of students believed their two- or four-year institutions should be allowed to restrict intolerant opinions, despite almost one-third saying free speech was the most important civil liberty.

The results reflect a similar trend captured by a poll the foundation conducted in October 2017 after the deadly rally and counterprotest in Charlottesville, Va., in August 2017. That research found almost 70 percent of students supported a speaker being disinvited from an event if they had made racist comments in the past.

“These viewpoints are troubling from FIRE’s perspective,” the foundation said, referring to the latest poll. “They suggest only a surface-level understanding of free expression and association protections that underlie the First Amendment and an unwillingness to see them applied to the protection of expression some find offensive or objectionable.”


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They’re too feeble-minded to get the catch… I find their attempts to infringe on my rights hurtful and offensive. So go suck one you pathetic, ignorant snowflakes.

Feeling “uncomfortable” or “unsafe” about words is no way to go through life.

One of the main purposes of a college education used to be to challenge students with a wide variety of viewpoints and to help them to mature and deal with ideas that might seem uncomfortable or unsafe to an immature mind. That’s not true any more. Anything that doesn’t support the left-wing groupthink gets labeled as racist, sexist, homophobic, islamophobic, transphobic, or some other dastardly awful slur. Of course, the person who dares to speak such heresy is branded as an outcast.

Throughout my education, instructors tried to present both sides of any contentious issue, and the instructor would most commonly play the devil’s advocate and back the less popular side.
Not any more. An instructor will be reported to the Bias Response Team (ie Thought Police) if he or she advocates or even hypothesizes a heresy. For example, one instructor who explained how the Catholic stance on abortion might be ethical was forced to move to another school.

Who Ties their shoes ??? This young generation has been raised to be a bunch of Pussies with no spine. It’s time the US bring back the Military Draft and make it mandatory for every man/woman to serve their nation for a minimum of 3 years. This will make the pansies Grow Up and respect authority.

    Bisley in reply to tcurran. | February 1, 2019 at 10:39 am

    First, they’ll have to purge the Pentagon and bring the military back to sanity — it’s going the same way. The service academies, staff colleges, etc. are teaching officers “global warming is the greatest threat to national security”, “Islam is a religion of peace”, applauding the diversity of homosexuals, transsexuals, women in places they shouldn’t be, overseeing everything with lawyers to ensure the supposed legal rights of minorities, etc. The military is going the same way as the education system, training its people in leftist dogma, and making them worthless for their intended purpose. It isn’t the same Army I was in many years ago.

My cohort has far more weaponry and the training for using said weapons. Do the snowflakes want to taste the bitterness of their leftist Marxist brainwashing forcing itself upon a patriotic cohort ready to unleash the hounds of WAR if their New World Order Globalist Marxist agenda ever tries to curtail our freedoms?

“We need a new pro-free speech movement in America. This is not going to get any better until we do.”

No, we need to end the government stranglehold on K-12 education, because that’s where this all starts. If we insist that education dollars follow the child, then all parents will have the ability to make better choices for their children.