As we head into the New Year, based on a request from Professor Jacobson, I decided to conduct a little research project on a Tweet he came across from a ” Corrector of racists, chauvinists & pretend lawyers”.

A review of all the responses shows there are numerous fronts open in the ongoing American Culture War.

One one side, we have those who are tired of all the man-hating.

On the other side, there are those who are true believers in “toxic masculinity”.

The third front in this struggle is now clearly apparent. There are those, like me, who would prefer to go to where then men were for those 24 hours…and drink while enjoying real wit and humor.

Out of scientific curiosity, I tweeted the same question…replacing “men” for “women”. It hardly generated any response. I theorize it is because men on social media don’t feed on snark and drama.

Based on the data I collected during this experiment, I have one conclusion that I can most certainly make. Wherever the author of this thought experiment is, I wish to be somewhere else.

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