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Green Mountain College in Vermont Announces Closure After Spring Semester

Green Mountain College in Vermont Announces Closure After Spring Semester

“couldn’t attract enough students or a partner to maintain operations”

This news is going to hit the left pretty hard. Green Mountain College focuses on environmental education and green issues. It also has a beautiful campus.

Inside Higher Ed reports:

Another Small College Will Close

Green Mountain College announced Wednesday that it will close at the end of the spring semester.

The college, a small private institution in Vermont, has a 185-year history and is known for its environmental programs. But the college’s announcement said it couldn’t attract enough students or a partner to maintain operations in a way that served students. Closure is expected after the end of this semester.

The news is likely to add to concerns about the health of small private colleges that don’t have substantial endowments or large student bodies. New England institutions appear particularly vulnerable. Just last week, Hampshire College in Massachusetts announced that it was exploring partnerships and wasn’t sure it would admit freshmen for the fall. Another Massachusetts institution, Newbury College, announced in December that it would close at the end of this academic year. And Mount Ida College, located outside Boston, announced in April that it would close. Also last year, Atlantic Union College, also outside Boston, announced that it would close.

The College of St. Joseph, in Vermont, nearly closed last year but said it would try to keep operating. Its goal has been to hit an enrollment of 235.

Colleges in New England are not the only ones facing tough times. Bennett College, a historically black women’s college in North Carolina, is at risk of losing its accreditation, which would likely lead to the college’s closure.


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Wonderful news! May this be the beginning of a national trend to end the foolishness being palmed-off as “education”.

Want some great financial advice? Go squander $100K on a worthless college degree and then try to market it as though it were worth a dime.

The professional curricula remain useful, accounting, engineering, chemistry and the various programs leading to a B.S. The Liberal Arts junk has no market. Nonetheless, there is much to learn in the B.A. curricula, just don’t expect it the valuable in a non-socialistic, competitive environment.

Degrees in “education” need to carry the same stigma as journal-blathering 🙂

Them at Harvard are SO concerned about inequality. Solution: transfer some of that $37 million Harvard endowment to Green Mountain College and other colleges threatened with closure.