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Georgetown University Now Going After ‘Microaggressions in Medicine’

Georgetown University Now Going After ‘Microaggressions in Medicine’

“This campaign will work towards developing a response strategy BEFORE a microaggression appears”

The sciences are no longer safe from the left’s agenda. Even medicine is being targeted.

Campus Reform reports:

Georgetown takes ‘A.C.T.I.O.N.’ against ‘microaggressions in medicine’

A Georgetown University department will be starting a “Microaggressions in Medicine” initiative this winter, aiming to teach students how to respond to microaggressions.

The School of Medicine at Georgetown along with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion will be sponsoring a “poster campaign,” with an aim at educating students on what to do about microaggressions.

“This campaign will work towards developing a response strategy BEFORE a microaggression appears, and building efficacy in faculty, staff, students, and trainees who must respond in real time to microaggressors,” the page states.

According to the Georgetown webpage, while microaggressions are a “brief” insult, they can have a “macro” affect.

“Microaggressions can have a macro affect, particularly when considering the cumulative burden for individuals and organizations over time,” the webpage states. “Microaggressions show up everywhere in society including in our classrooms, clinics, hallways, on social media, in our neighborhood watch app, and at the grocery store!”

The poster campaign gives examples of possible microaggressions that someone in the medicinal field could encounter, such as “aren’t you a little old to be in medical school?” “They yelled HIV as a diagnosis after learning he was a gay male,” and “I’m assuming English wasn’t the first language for some of you.”


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Give me a break. This is just more insanity. Will it ever end? I fear not.

Assault on 1st amendment.
Stand up to it.
Do not yield.

“Microaggressions” are an excuse to attack anybody, at any time, for things they didn’t do. They’re offenses so subtle that only the complainer—the “victim”—can detect them. They’re perceived; they need not be real. In fact, the best ones aren’t real. No evidence is needed, no defense is possible. It’s social hypochondria—whiners can keep the rest of us dancing around, and all about nothing.

This campaign seems to be the next step—to keep everyone on the defensive before even these imaginary offenses occur. Obviously, once it’s been seen to succeed, there’s no end to it. Compliance is surrender.

If only those darn human beings were easier to control! I suppose these kinds of measures are necessary till we get to the day when messy humans can be fully replaced by AI robots. In the mean time, those sharp-eyed microaggression mavens are smart to get in there before med school students get wrapped up in classes on how to speak to patients about death, loss of limbs, brain damage. You know, those secondary matters.

Make up a phony term, add fake science (but real outrage), rinse and repeat. Medicine can be arduous, competitive and require incredibly long hours with a bunch of patients and colleagues you’d probably never be fast friends with in any other circumstance. Exactly how delicate are they supposed to be?

Every dollar Georgetown spends on this should be reduced by Federal aid to something else. Taxpayers money spent on the stuff will neither advance medical science nor the quality of care for Americans. Shut off the faucet!

Given the number of diseases which are known to affect different racial populations or gender at different rates (the most well known being Sickle Cell disease, which predominately affects descendants of sub-Saharan Africa), I wonder how quickly this will escalate into people dying?

After all, how many questions might a doctor now avoid asking because it smacks of a “micro-aggression?”