Beto O’Rourke hasn’t announced his candidacy for 2020 yet, but the folks at ‘Draft Beto’ have already released an ad, which I guess is supposed to get people excited for his inevitable run.

The ad is just like Beto, all style and no substance. It’s set to the classic song ‘Baba O’Riley’ by The Who, which will leave anyone under the age of 40 asking: Who?

Other than that, it’s just a montage of fast moving clips with a few quotes thrown in about our ‘polarized’ nation.

The Draft Beto people included this wording in their roll out of the ad:

Right now our nation is deeply divided and in desperate need of inspiration.

We need someone who can go anywhere, talk to anyone, and inspire everyone.

Beto O’Rourke is that person.

A whisper campaign has been growing about Beto being the ‘white Obama’ and it looks like his supporters are going with that, not that it will work.

Take a look:

If my analysis of Beto’s first steps seems a bit harsh, wait until you read this take from Nia-Malika Henderson of CNN:

Beto’s excellent adventure drips with white male privilege

Imagine this: A 46-year-old former congresswoman and mother of three, who just lost a Senate bid to one of the most despised incumbents, sets off on a road trip adventure to clear her head.

She instagrams part of her trip to the dentist. She gives a two-hour interview to The Washington Post where she shows no real knowledge of policy.

Like a first-year college student, she pontificates on whether the Constitution is still a thing that matters after all these many years.

And then she writes a stream of consciousness diary entry, where she is all in her sad and confused feelings, over … something:

Have been stuck lately. In and out of a funk. My last day of work was January 2nd. It’s been more than twenty years since I was last not working. Maybe if I get moving, on the road, meet people, learn about what’s going on where they live, have some adventure, go where I don’t know and I’m not known, it’ll clear my head, reset, I’ll think new thoughts, break out of the loops I’ve been stuck in…

O’Rourke, 46, we are told, is “Obama, but white,” because of his fundraising prowess — he raised nearly $80 million in his loss to Sen. Ted Cruz. He skateboards! He listens! He connects on the internet!

And Jack Kerouac-style, he roams around, jobless (does he not need a job?) to find himself and figure out if he wants to lead the free world. This is a luxury no woman or even minority in politics could ever have.

The 2020 Democratic primary is going to be brutal.

Featured image via YouTube.

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