It appears that one company’s executive was making notes on the response to the Gillette’s man-shaming video, “The Best a Man Can Be”.

He directed his firm, Egard Watch Company, to make a video that is an homage to what is good in men, entitled “What is a Man: A Response to Gillette”.

A watch company CEO said Monday he has created an online ad in response to the new Gillette ad combatting “toxic masculinity” that has sparked outrage.

The YouTube commercial from the Egard Watch Company features footage of men in various situations — from fighting fires to hugging children as the firm’s founder Ilan Srulovicz asks “What is a man?”

“There’s been a movement in society I feel that’s just been painting men with a broad brush,” Srulovicz told “Fox & Friends” Monday.

“You know, for a company like Gillette to open up a commercial with a term like ‘toxic masculinity,’ I just don’t feel like masculinity is toxic.”

“I think masculinity can be beautiful,” he said.

The Egard Watch ad does so much more than show images of men on the job or with their families. The scenes are superimposed with statistics that show masculinity can be quite toxic…to males. For example, the viewer is informed that men account for 93% of workplace deaths and 97% of war fatalities.

If you were unfortunate enough to view the Gillette ad (the things I do for Legal Insurrection), then the Egard Watch Company video is a must-see palate cleanser.

What has the response been to Egard? Based on the company’s website, and sudden need to back-order product, I would say that it is a winning message.

The positive response to our message has allowed us to start donating to charities! We will be donating $10,000 USD To the Bob Woodruff Foundation this week! We hope to continue making numerous donations year round. Thank you all for giving us an opportunity to give back.

Due to the unexpected overwhelming response we are back-ordered on many units. Please bear with us. We are accepting pre-orders as we are making new inventory. The response is beyond appreciated. Every order will be fulfilled. We want to be completely transparent about the wait.

Ladies: Egard also has women’s watches and bracelets. If you like to send a message to the virtue-signaling elites dominating traditional marketing venues, this would be a wonderful opportunity to use the power of your purse as well.

The social media response has been uplifting.

Karol Markowicz, a New York Post writer, notes one positive aspect related to the Gillette ad: It has turned the tide against the “Toxic Masculinity” trope.

…In 2015, a company called Protein World released an ad for a diet supplement featuring a fit model in a bikini and the words: “Are You Beach Body Ready?” The backlash was swift. The ad was defaced again and again in the NYC subways, and the city of London went so far as to ban “body-shaming” ads on the Underground.

If there was a moment in time when women collectively decided that they would no longer stand for being body-shamed, that was it.

Similarly, the response to the Gillette ad feels like a dam breaking. This might be the moment when men have finally had enough.

If the response to Egard Watch Company’s video is any indication, the dam has shattered completely.


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