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Ecofeminism Course at UMass-Dartmouth Teaches About the ‘Oppression of Nature’

Ecofeminism Course at UMass-Dartmouth Teaches About the ‘Oppression of Nature’

“a cultural ideology that enables the oppression of nature”

Everything oppresses women, even nature apparently. Who signs up for this course and takes it seriously?

Campus Reform reports:

UMass-Dartmouth charges pretty penny for ‘ecofeminism’ course

The University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth has an online “ecofeminism” course in which students can learn about topics like “the oppression of nature.”

“Ecofeminism: Philosophy & Practice,” a three-credit course, is being offered by the university during the 2019 spring semester and the school is charging students $1,218, not including a term registration fee, to take the course, which seeks to study different ecofeminist theories.

The course covers the “study of ecofeminism as systems of oppression based on race, class, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity that stem from a cultural ideology that enables the oppression of nature,” according to its description. “The course explores ecofeminist theories, literature, and practice, including ecofeminist ethics, and the applications of ecofeminism to the lives of individual men and women, as well as cultural institutions and organizations.”

UMass-Dartmouth will aim to teach students various objectives, such as to “define ecofeminism and identify ecofeminist practices,” “understand the roots of ecofeminism and ecofeminist theory,” “gain an understanding of various ecofeminist literary approaches,” “apply ecofeminist analysis to specific literary text,” and more, according to the course syllabus.

The course schedule also states that students will spend various weeks of the class studying topics like “Vegetarian Ecofeminism,” Intersectionality and Connectivity,” “Activism,” and more.


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The Friendly Grizzly | January 5, 2019 at 12:30 pm

Just a thought off the top of my head: I predict that within the next twenty or so years, there will be a great reversal in college attendance. Instead of Indians, Chinese, and others coming here for their college education, American students of real fields (STEM) will be going to schools in India, China, Japan, or wherever real knowledge is being taught.

    And the leftists running the American schools will demand government bail outs and compulsory attendance for Americans (preferably minorities) to make up for the obvious inequality caused by this disturbing trend.

    Also, they will demand more (and higher paid) diversity commissars on the grounds that, obviously, people are fleeing American schools because of the terrible systemic racism and oppression.

    Democrats in congress will try to give them everything they ask for, while the ever watchful Republican party will complain about the cost and demand they only be given half of what they want.

    President Trump (if he’s still in office at this time) will veto it and be reviled in the press as anti-education.

Great course of study, if one plans to be unemployed for life.

Another insightful article on so called “higher education” in America by one of best out there today, Victor David Hanson.