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College in Ohio Requires Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion for Tenure

College in Ohio Requires Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion for Tenure

“programs that strengthen inclusivity, diversity or access to liberal education”

This is the way things are moving. In order to secure employment, teachers will be increasingly required to pledge allegiance to the progressive agenda.

Campus Reform reports:

Better promote ‘diversity,’ ‘inclusion’ if you want tenure at this Ohio college

An Ohio college’s revamped criteria for evaluating tenure and promotion candidates, set to take effect on July 1, focuses on “diversity” and “inclusion.”

In addition to more traditional criteria such as “scholarly competence and familiarity with current developments in one’s field” and “timely, meticulous, and fair review and evaluation of student work,” the college’s revised tenure and promotion guidelines now include the stipulation that professors must demonstrate that they promote an “inclusive classroom environment” that “values diversity” and takes a “broad variety of backgrounds” into consideration when teaching, according to Education Dive.

This means that Kenyon professors who are up for tenure will now have to demonstrate not only their competence at instructing but also their efforts to promote both “diversity” and “inclusion” in the classroom.

Additionally, whereas professors’ engagement with the college community has traditionally been evaluated based on items such as meeting attendance and writing letters of recommendation, they will now also be judged based on their contribution to “programs that strengthen inclusivity, diversity or access to liberal education.”

Not only have these new stipulations been added, but all the criteria have been edited with the same sentiments in mind.

“Woven into each of these criteria is a commitment to fostering an open, respectful, supportive, accessible, and inclusive community of learners,” the guidelines explain.


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Kenyon needs to stop following on the heels of Oberlin and instead do an end run to get ahead of them.

I wonder if diversity of opinion is in the criteria? Never mind, I know, silly question!

This is simply a method for getting rid of any conservative or non-progressive faculty members by denying them tenure. It provides those in power with the justification they want for using a political litmus test to eliminate anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Students’ parents should take note and eliminate this college from their list of places to consider.