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Brigham Young University Apologizes for Promotion of ‘Taco Tuesday’ Event

Brigham Young University Apologizes for Promotion of ‘Taco Tuesday’ Event

“We are very sorry and regret creating the post.”

A photo of students in sombreros and taco costumes used to promote the event was deemed cultural appropriation.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Major college forced to apologize for ‘Taco Tuesday’ promotion

Students at Brigham Young University are not happy with the school’s Center for Economic Self-Reliance. The center posted a photo to Instagram advertising a Taco Tuesday event that showed two students wearing sombreros and dressed as tacos, holding flags from Bolivia, the United States, and Argentina.

Several students quickly condemned the center for cultural appropriation. One Twitter user took the center to task. Others said tacos are not traditional foods in Bolivia and Argentina.

The photo has since been deleted and the Ballard Center posted an apology, stating: “earlier today, the Ballard Center shared a social media post that was insensitive. We are very sorry and regret creating the post. Thank you to all who have taken the time to reach out. Your comments highlight the compassion you have for others. We appreciate your insights, feedback, and the learning opportunity.”


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A five second search on google shows they do indeed eat tacos in Argentina and Bolivia. Just like we do in America. Or Canada. Or even Japan. Hell, you can even get them in China!

Bolivian tacos are, apparently, one of the signature street foods there:

If we’re going to be worried about “cultural appropriation” and stereotypes, then no wearing of green, no shamrocks, no green beer, no corned beef and cabbage, and no fighting leprechauns on March 17 unless you can prove your Irish heritage. Shall we then go after St. Joseph’s Day and Italian cultural appropriation? Or does the left not have a problem with appropriation of European culture?

A photo of students in sombreros and taco costumes used to promote the event was deemed cultural appropriation.

So, in what appropriated culture do people walk around dressed as tacos?

Screw it … lets just go all in … and get bent outa shape about white cultural appropriation … or are white people not allowed one …

If eating tacos is “cultural appropriation,” then speaking a foreign language and trying to sound like someone you’re not is much worse. So Brigham Young should eliminate all their Spanish courses. In fact, to avoid this dastardly “cultural appropriation,” all colleges must stop teaching any foreign languages immediately.

People must only speak the language and follow the culture of their ancestors. If you’re not Hispanic, you must not speak Spanish or wear a hat with a brim wider than six inches. If you’re not Chinese, you must not speak Chinese or wear Chinese-made clothes. Besides, this will be another good way to attack Melania Trump, since she speaks five languages, and at least four of them must be appropriated.

What a bunch of idiots!

This is appropriation, how? Remember that one day in Argentina when everyone dresses up as a taco?

The ever so offensive photo can be found in this article

The communists have won when people are complaining about a creative endeavor to advertise a free give away of tacos.

Things are so out of kilter here in NE Kansas that in one of our better TexMex eatablisments Taco Tuesday actually comes on Monday!

My favorite tacqueria in Austin is Tacodeli. Their special on Tuesdays is the Bahn Mi taco, a riff on a classic Vietnamese dish. I wonder what the PC-scolds would think of that. On second thought, I don’t give a fuck what they think.

amatuerwrangler | January 17, 2019 at 8:34 pm

I would have thought the Mormons were made of sterner stuff. The ones I know certainly are.