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American Presidency Class at U. Wisconsin-Madison: Trump ‘Catastrophically Unfit’

American Presidency Class at U. Wisconsin-Madison: Trump ‘Catastrophically Unfit’

“egomaniac who poses an overt threat to the Republic”

This would never be uttered in the halls of academia about a Democrat president. There’s not even a hint of impartiality, it’s straight-up partisan talk.

The College Fix reports:

American presidency class on Trump: ‘catastrophically unfit egomaniac, poses threat to Republic’

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a course titled “The American Presidency” comes with more than a basic rundown of the responsibilities and powers of the presidency. At least while Donald Trump holds office.

In his syllabus, Professor Kenneth Mayer lets his students know where he stands on Trump.

“We are 2 years into the most (how shall we put it?) unconventional presidency in American history, with a president who gleefully flouts the norms of governing and presidential behavior that have structured the office since George Washington,” the professor states at the beginning of his 10-page syllabus, a copy of which was obtained by The College Fix.

“To his supporters, this is not a bug, but a feature, and they rejoice in his contempt for what they insist is a corrupt D.C. establishment. If elites are against it, Trump’s supporters are for it,” the syllabus for the course adds.

The political science professor then explains how he thinks everyone else sees the president: “To others, he is a spectacularly unqualified and catastrophically unfit egomaniac who poses an overt threat to the Republic.”


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Spoken like someone who has never worked a single day in the private sector.