The fight over the wall isn’t about the wall.

It’s about open borders and whether Trump can withstand the conniving of Democrats AND Republicans in D.C.

It’s also about Democrats hope to hand Trump a “read my lips” moment that will alienate his supporters and damage enthusiasm for 2020.

Trump seemed ready to capitulate, but at the last minute pulled back after howls of criticism that agreeing to a ‘stopgap’ spending bill that did not include the $5 billion he wanted for border security would doom his presidency.

Rush Limbaugh said, apparently characterizing how Democrats were reacting:

“They just broke Trump! Trump’s finished. They’re dancing on the grave already. They’re celebrating.”

Trump then pulled back, and said he would not sign the spending bill that passed the Senate.

So the House just passed a bill that included $5 billion for border security. But Democrats in the Senate appear ready to vote against it, so there will not be 60 votes.

Pelosi and Schumer characterize it as Trump shutting down the government.

But in fact it’s Senate Democrats shutting down the government in media spin. Shutting the government is not actually shutting the government, but there can be bad optics for the party that gets blamed, which inevitably is Republicans.

$5 billion in the world of federal spending is small. It’s not about $5 billion. It’s about Democrats wanting to break Trump.


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