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University’s Definition of ‘Racial Justice’ Bears Striking Resemblance to Socialism

University’s Definition of ‘Racial Justice’ Bears Striking Resemblance to Socialism

“a process where power and resources are redistributed”

Is anyone surprised by this? Many of the left’s favorite issues lead directly to the implementation of socialism.

Campus Reform reports:

University’s ‘racial justice’ definition eerily similar to socialism

November is “Social Justice Month” at Southern Connecticut State University and to celebrate, the school has created a “Syllabus for Racial Justice,” which provides a definition of “racial justice” that is eerily similar to socialism.

“The resources provided here are intended for faculty and staff to explore in an effort to strengthen their understandings of how systemic racism operates in our lives, communities, and classrooms, the university explains. “This syllabus is part of a larger endeavor for faculty to integrate racial justice pedagogies into our practice.”

The syllabus explains that the “working document” will receive multiple additions over the upcoming year and that the university hopes to develop a permanent online home for the material, accessible to the public. SCSU prefaces the material with a breakdown of a handful of social justice terms.

SCSU defines “racism” as “prejudice + power.”

The school goes on to define “white supremacy” as “an institutionally perpetuated system of oppression that manifests in our lives, communities, and schools,” and a “complex system of beliefs and behaviors rooted in systems designed to maintain the superiority of those designated white,” clarifying that these beliefs and behaviors include those that are “overt, subtle, unconscious, [and] conscious.”

Finally, the document clarifies its purpose by offering a definition for the term “racial justice”: “a process where power and resources are redistributed so that people of color have equal access, opportunities, and treatment leading to equitable outcomes for all. It is the disruption of our current systems which maintain white supremacy.”


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cheif bighorn | December 2, 2018 at 3:25 pm

Can’t really get more racist

The “unconscious and conscious” part is the left’s demonization of even KNOWING about the vastly higher black crime rate. Instead of trying to force people to pretend they do not know what they know, the correct answer is to allocate law enforcement resources by crime rate until there no longer IS a higher black crime rate.

THAT is how you get rid of the black disadvantage being burdened with negative expectations based on what is known about actual group tendencies, and the “white privilege” of not being similarly burdened.

The definition provided for Social Justice focuses on “equitable outcomes,” and there is no way to guarantee the outcome without corrupting the process.

Geoffrey Britain | December 2, 2018 at 8:05 pm

The author asks, “Many of the left’s favorite issues lead directly to the implementation of socialism”.

Not to quibble but that’s not quite accurate.

It should read, ‘Many of the left’s favorite issues lead directly to the implementation of socialism communism.’

Socialism is just a waypost on the road to communism.

“The goal of socialism is communism.” Vladimir Lenin

Racism happens when race is used to determine an outcome – good or bad. When opportunity is denied or given because of race, we have racism. When punishments for poor behavior are meted out or overlooked because of race – we have racism. For some, the principle “you must fire with fire” has become “we must fight racism with racism”. However, this will only make the situation worse.
Let’s start judging, rewarding, and dealing with others based on character and behavior.