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UMass Amherst to Offer Course on LGBT Themed Electronic Light Displays

UMass Amherst to Offer Course on LGBT Themed Electronic Light Displays

“the intersections of racial and LGBTQA identities”

This is a college course that people are going to actually pay to take. Why?

Campus Reform reports:

‘Queer Lights’ coming to UMass-Amherst

The University of Massachusetts-Amherst is offering a new seminar course for the spring 2019 semester titled ‘Queer Lights’.

The class “will cast light on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, and asexual (LGBTQA) topics while the students in the class literally cast light-building LGBTQA-themed electronic light displays,” according to the course description.

Among the topics discussed will be “the intersections of racial and LGBTQA identities, the campus climate for LGBTQA students, and the legal and political rights of LGBTQA people today.”

David McLaughlin, a UMass professor who received a TIDE (Teaching for Inclusiveness, Diversity, and Equity) Ambassadorship for the campus because of his contributions in creating “Queer Lights,” states that the course provides new ways for teaching about inclusion.

“This course contributes to, and may be a new model for, addressing diversity, inclusion, and equity topics in the classroom,” McLaughlin said in a news release.


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Good Lord, I had a course in my first year of university, physical chemistry, it had a hefty dose of quantum mechanics and so on. Less than half would pass, the others would retake, and overall, a third would have to leave the university with no chance of going to any other university.

My mind bends at the sight of this crap.