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Student Group at George Washington U. Wants School to Cover Transgender Surgery

Student Group at George Washington U. Wants School to Cover Transgender Surgery

“comprehensive transgender & gender non-conforming healthcare rights”

What does this have to do with getting a college education? Nothing, in fact.

The College Fix reports:

Student group wants university to cover transgender surgery procedures

A student group at the George Washington University is demanding that the school alter its insurance policy to cover elective transgender cosmetic surgery, claiming that the exclusion of such surgeries is “wholly unnecessary.”

The group, Graduate Students United, recently launched a petition arguing that the school’s student health policy should cover cosmetic procedures such as elective mastectomies and male breast implants (which the group refers to as “top surgery”), as well as voice modification procedures and hair removal operations. The group refers to these procedures as “comprehensive transgender & gender non-conforming healthcare rights.”

The policy does cover “surgical, hormone replacement therapy, and counseling treatment” for individuals with gender dysphoria, the petition notes.

“We agree with groups like the Transgender Law Center that it is up to the individual and their physician, not Aetna, to determine what is medically necessary. Any pre-set exclusion of ‘cosmetic’ procedures is an unacceptable method of providing adequate healthcare. GW should make assisting its trans students and employees a priority, especially in light of recent attacks by the Trump administration,” the petition declares.

According to the student newspaper The GW Hatchet, a member of the student group recently met with the university’s president, Thomas LeBlanc; the paper reported that the president “did not agree with the clauses and does not want to prevent transgender individuals from seeking certain procedures.”


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I would like to take the time to point out the lies of transgender surgery. 1) there is no way to change the DNA surgically. 2)the procedure does not change the bodies hormone production. 3)In the event that the patient can no longer continue hormone therapy the body reverts to its normal state (less certain obvious equipment.)
Inspite of the false narrative that these people would be happier after transitioning, the suside rate of post transition people is extremely high.
And a mother wants to force this on a six year old.
When will common sense and science prevail?

I thought Pence was supposed to have all the LGBTQRXYZs in internment camps, by now.

Their line “It is up to their individual and their physician, not Atena” is the new propaganda sweeping the country. New York has bought it, Medicaid patients can now have virtually unlimited surgery, as long as 2 healthcare professionals say it’s necessary. So you have a psychologist and a nurse practitioner ordering massive amounts of disfiguring surgery that also guarantees sterility and makes permanent the mental illness described in the DSM-5 (the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders). Try to find folks who tell us that all this expensive, painful, years-long surgeries actually turned their lives around five years later. Try.

Parents are pushing little kids towards surgery if they even look at a barbie doll, and it’s all en vogue in college. Even if an awful lot of these students seriously regret it later, and suicides in the gender dysphoria group keep rising, almost as fast as the surgery rate. Doctors risk shame and loss of status if they open their mouths, in many states their forbidden by their hospital or professional society for a contrarian view.

Like so much of what we see every day in nutland, screaming all day gets it’s rewards. Unfortunately for the victims, they’ll be stuck. Bah!

    Granny in reply to Chicklet. | December 2, 2018 at 8:53 am

    Yes, they are sadly unaware of the state of medicine in the USA. Unless you are paying cash and have plenty of it (cash services cost more than insurance reimbursement) what your physician does or recommends is ALWAYS up to the insurance company.