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REPORT: The Weekly Standard Likely Closing Up Shop in the Coming Weeks

REPORT: The Weekly Standard Likely Closing Up Shop in the Coming Weeks

“They’re either closing or they’re folding into a page of the Washington Examiner”

Tuesday night, CNN published a story based on a source inside The Weekly Standard suggesting the publication’s future is uncertain.

From CNN’s scoop:

As CNN tells it, The Weekly Standard has been shopping for, but been unable to secure a buyer after TWS’s leadership continued to “butt heads” with “MediaDC, the current publisher of the magazine and that the two parties had agreed to allow Hayes to search for a new owner.”

However, MediaDC recently informed The Weekly Standard’s leadership that the company was no longer interested in a sale, the people said.

Instead, Ryan McKibben, the chairman of MediaDC, asked to meet with Hayes in a meeting tentatively scheduled for late next week, the people said. McKibben, they said, also requested the entire staff of The Weekly Standard be made available following the meeting.

That request, coupled with MediaDC’s Monday announcement that its other conservative news organization, The Washington Examiner, would be expanding its magazine into a weekly publication, has left The Weekly Standard’s leadership worrying about the future of the magazine.

Employees at the magazine are bracing for the worst, multiple people familiar with the matter told CNN.

Alex Rosenwald, a spokesperson for MediaDC, told CNN in a phone call on Tuesday morning that he was not aware of The Weekly Standard’s situation. Rosenwald said he was focused only on the marketing for the just-announced Washington Examiner Magazine. Rosenwald did not respond to an email or phone call on Tuesday afternoon requesting comment after CNN had learned of Hayes’ phone calls to staffers.

However, after this story was originally published, a spokesperson for Clarity Media Group, Inc., the parent company of MediaDC, released a statement to CNN.

“It is no secret that news organizations across the U.S. are dealing with an evolving business landscape,” the statement said. “The Weekly Standard is dealing with these same issues. Clarity Media has been exploring a number of possibilities regarding the future of The Weekly Standard. At this time, Clarity does not have any news to share about its evaluation process.”
Hayes did not respond to emails on Monday and Tuesday requesting comment.

The Daily Caller‘s sources indicate the situation is far more dire and that they don’t expect The Weekly Standard to exist beyond December 14th, saying, “There is no budget for it AT ALL.”

“I don’t expect it to exist after December 14, 2018,” one editor at the magazine told TheDCNF. “There is no budget for it AT ALL.”

News broke Tuesday afternoon from CNN that the magazine’s editor-in-chief Stephen Hayes addressed staff about the magazine’s troubles, but did not go into detail about what the future might hold.

“Supposedly Steve Hayes doesn’t even know [beyond what CNN reported],” the staffer said.

The Weekly Standard was founded in 1995 by Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes. Originally owned by NewsCorp, the magazine was eventually sold in 2009 to billionaire Philip Anschutz. Individuals close to the magazine told TheDCNF that Anschutz was growing frustrated with the direction of the magazine.

A former employee of The Washington Examiner, which is a member of the same parent company as The Weekly Standard, told TheDCNF the office had been hearing murmurings Monday about the magazine’s fate. That employee told TheDCNF there had been talk that some of The Weekly Standard would be folded into The Washington Examiner.

“They’re either closing or they’re folding into a page of the Washington Examiner,” said the former Examiner employee.

Yet a current editor at The Weekly Standard disputed that possibility.

“I don’t think ‘folded’ is the right word. It sounds more like get rid of us entirely,” the editor said.

A spokesperson for Anschutz did not comment.


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Sow the “never Trumpers” seed….reap the rino whirlwind. Insult the conservative, anti-swamp voters….sink into the abyss of failure. Good riddance to crystal and his ilk.

Oh, poor baby Kristol getting kicked to the curb. National Review might be next. Winds of change are on its way. Viva yellow men and bad man orange.

The eGOP, no-Trump Weekly Standard might close up shop?

A Festivus miracle!

At long last! Have we finally seen the last of these useless and obnoxious NeverTrump neocons? I can’t imagine they have any friends anywhere on the political spectrum.

I hope this doesn’t produce another weird announcement from CRTV. The Levin/Beck marriage was creepy enough. Too creepy for Michelle Malkin apparently. She bolted. But for CRTV to absorb these losers would be beyond creepy.

I can’t wait to see what Michelle does. She always makes good career decisions and lands on her feet. She’s the best.

Why can’t this happen to some of the Progressive Fascist propaganda organizations like the NYT, or MSLSD.

Ask me if I care.

regulus arcturus | December 4, 2018 at 8:45 pm

Whatever will Bill Kristol Meth do?

Gee, sourcing from CNN…

Dunno… Seems…odd.

Still, it could be. On-line publishing is fraught with hardships.

But if the authors suffer the same career destruction as Ben Shapiro and dozens of others who were scheduled to die in obscurity, I think they’ll come out just fine.

Ahoy, Cap’n! Your ship has outlived its’ traitorous usefulness –
Prepare to be scuttled

Blaise MacLean | December 4, 2018 at 9:35 pm

I would like to interject a slight dissent about the likely demise of TWS. It is true that the magazine was/is anti-Trump but it also features great writing and investigation that you don’t get in the mainstream media. They had great coverage on Benghazi for example. I think that if they fail, it will leave a great gap.

Also, one thing I despise about the left is how they attack and seek the destruction of those (even those on their side) who do not accept and prostrate themselves before the latest SJW dogmas.I hate that and don’t want to be like that. If a magazine is non-supportive of Trump but features good writing and interesting articles I would like there to be room for that. Trump is not infallible and thoughtful criticism of his policies, strategies and approaches are useful and can even be helpful. TWS is like that, in obvious contrast to the unhinged Twitter attacks that Bill Kristol is constantly firing off against Mr. Trump.

So, if TWS goes I will miss it.

Like a few other formerly conservative mags, it used to be a pretty good read – but it went downhill during Bush and Obama. I stopped subscribing years ago.

I’m not seeing a big loss to civilization here. Certainly nothing like the day the Weekly World News stopped publication.

Way down below the ocean…

Ragspierre is gonna be so pissed.

I subscribed for many years–almost a charter subscriber, but let it lapse in 2016 after too many Trump-bashing and Hillary puff pieces. I still continued to download freebies off their website (although never spent a lot of time reading them) for another year and a half until they caught up with me.

It started out great but now I say good riddance.

Did they run out of Iranian tech billionaires to bilk?



They’ve served their purpose in securing the votes they could to assist the Democratic party wins in the midterms. Now they’re getting cut loose because they’re more of a liability than help to the left/Democrats going forward. It’s all business.

Good riddance to rubbish.

Good points. Agreed.

“If a magazine is non-supportive of Trump but features good writing and interesting articles I would like there to be room for that.”

Yes, but Shapiro and others remind me what I used to do with SJW friends: I would point out *at length* how I much I agree before gently making the point that I actually disagree.

It’s a bit like concern trolling. It works great occasionally (at Thanksgiving or coffee) to escape getting trapped in a bitter discussion, but it doesn’t seem like a profitable long-term business model.

Being older and wiser now I usually just try to change the subject. And in a way, that’s what’s killing them. People are just turning away. Their hits may be up, but subscriptions are down. People are willing to look, but they won’t buy into what seems overall to be bait and switch.

To its detriment, WS blurred the line between philosophy and politics. Discussions of political philosophy are good and necessary, but the practical fact is that elections happen at fixed times and you have to win elections to implement your philosophy. The entire conservative #NT movement made itself irrelevant when it failed to come up with a viable candidate after Trump won the primaries, but couldn’t bring itself to support him. In fact, it’s attempts made it a laughing stock (Egg McMuffin). Candidates in the Soviet Union had to get the ‘good communist’ seal of approval. We don’t do that. The average conservative voter was too pragmatic to buy into the purity arguments of the true believers. They knew that Hillary was far worse, WS et al couldn’t offer an argument that she wasn’t worse, #NT didn’t have an electable alternative, and that was enough to elect Trump. When his performance exceeded expectations, WS doubled down on stupid and continued to attack him, using many of the same arguments as the left. Their message to the average conservative voter was “OK, he’s doing better, but you were still stupid to elect him”. I hope they aren’t surprised at the outcome. Did they expect Soros to bail them out?

Trump is not and never was a conservative. He has always been a chameleon. If the Democrats had won the Senate,too, Trump would be parroting a different “Make Trump Great Again line.

    tlcomm2 in reply to Sage. | December 5, 2018 at 12:35 pm

    Trump has been consistent in his beliefs on immigration and trade for decades. Not entirely conservative, but entirely consistent.

    Valerie in reply to Sage. | December 5, 2018 at 12:37 pm

    “He has always been a chameleon.”

    Now you have him confused with Hillary. It’s Hillary that believes that “you have to have a public position and a private position.” It’s Hillary that spent two decades or so arguing that her husband’s very real physical sexual misconduct was irrelevant to his performance as President, and then argued that DJT was disqualified from high public office for telling a story about his failure to prevail upon the virtue of a married woman, and commenting about the way women behave around celebrities (as he had observed as Studio 54).

    From what I read, DJT has been a lot of the same things for the last thirty years. He is also a businessman who put his money where his mouth is, hiring women for responsible positions and filing a lawsuit to allow his golf club to admit Jews and Blacks. Once he decided to run as a Republican, however, the Democrats called him a racist.

    If you want chameleons, look to the Democrats. DJT is wysiwyg.

Is it surprising that a historically right leaning media company has a downfall considering what the WS did over the past decade? “Captain” BK has run his ship aground along with first mate Hayes.
Not surprising, given a “conservative” media company who has shed it base readers. Did it expect to gain all those anti-Trumpers out there under the WS flag? Hardly! You reap what you sow.

PersonofInterests | December 5, 2018 at 8:05 am

This Nest of Never Trumpers got their comeuppance from those who supported and support President Donald J. Trump: Treat the Weekly Standard like the pariah that they are and avoid them so that they die on the vine of their stupidity.

Now if we could only get a similar result with the Poisonous Dishonest and Socialist/Communist Complex of Alphabet Networks, Presstitutes, and Social Media entities, we may finally get the truth to maintain a well informed Public that the Founders desired in granting the First Amendment Right.

Good riddance to Bill Kristol and his gaggle of NWO Globalist RINOs.

    I think your good riddance to Bill Kristol, as opposed to the WS, is premature. Many in liberal media will pay for #Never Trump and other “concern trolling” quotes from “respected conservatives” like Bill Kristol. Likely there will be a nonprofit formed and he will find a cushy landing on a talk circuit somewhere.

      clayusmcret in reply to elle. | December 6, 2018 at 6:58 am

      You’re probably right. Take Jeff Flake for instance. He’s been auditioning for a full time job at CNN or MSDNC for months now. His final full-court-press for the job is his ongoing battle against allowing judicial nominees.

      I don’t think Kristol should count on that. For one thing, the market for NeverTrump concern trolls is a buyer’s market. Right now there are a lot of high-priced NeverTrump egos, and only so many set-asides available to them. The commies who run the media and other nonprofits take care of their own first, and no one on their side really trust a traitor like Kristol whom is seen as a Johnnie-come-lately to the Glorious Socialist Revolution (TM).

      For another, even if Kristol lands a cushy sinecure in the media or other non-profit there is no guarantee he can keep it for long. Kevin Williamson was a potty-mouthed NeverTrump blowhard who landed his dream gig at The Atlantic, only to lose it a week later because he hurt the tender feelings of the commies who run it.

When it fails, I want Kristol and Hayes introduced at ALL interviews as the men who killed a once-great conservative magazine.

Kristol can always get a job as an NFL commentator – for as long as that sport stays relevant – tick tock tick tock. More Trump winning