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Peter Thiel Tells Student Journalists a ‘Reformation’ is Coming in Higher Education

Peter Thiel Tells Student Journalists a ‘Reformation’ is Coming in Higher Education

“Universities today are as corrupt as the Catholic Church of 500 years ago”

I truly hope he is right. We cannot continue on our current path. It is not financially or ideologically sustainable.

The College Fix reports:

Peter Thiel predicts ‘reformation’ of higher education in speech to student journalists

Peter Thiel is an optimist.

Standing before a room full of nearly 100 right-of-center student journalists on Friday night, he told the crowd “we are not on the losing side of history.”

But a “reformation” needs to happen first, the billionaire tech mogul and libertarian philanthropist said.

“Universities today are as corrupt as the Catholic Church of 500 years ago,” Thiel said.

During his speech, he spoke of an academia that has shut down debate, excommunicated conservative scholars, and insisted a college degree is the only way to “salvation,” that being a good job and solid future.

“The reformation is going to happen,” Thiel added, noting it won’t come from within, but from the “outside.”

Thiel made the comments in a keynote speech at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s Collegiate Network editors’ conference. The group funds independent and conservative-minded campus news outlets at universities across the nation, and Thiel is an alumnus of the 39-year-old nonprofit, founding the Stanford Review in the late 1980s.

Thiel is no stranger to criticism of higher education. He’s famous for his program that has students skip college or drop out to follow their entrepreneurial dreams with a grant.


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DieJustAsHappy | December 2, 2018 at 10:33 am

We can help with this reformation by making better use of the internet, specifically as it pertains with blogging. Ways we can do this is by providing recognized resources for our discussions, inviting discussions with those who differ with us, reduce the vitriol and name-calling, and recognize the elevation of knowledge by the asking of questions.

This post should be on the front page because it states the question in such powerful terms. FWIW

The elite leftists who run universities have proven to be as greedy as any profiteer. Tuition costs have risen astronomically, once the US government got in the game of student loans. University administrations view tuition as free money to be used to increase their own salaries and benefits, while their students groan under the accumulating debt. Add to this the leftist indoctrination at these same universities, and you gotta wonder who really benefits from a college education. Peter Thiel is a very smart guy to be calling them out on ir.

Pearls before swine. Most of them, anyway.

Anyone really believe these corrupted kids are going to see the light and suddenly take complete responsibility for their lives? Never.