Unable to come to a consensus on a funding resolution, the federal government is headed towards a partial shutdown at midnight.

Not to worry though, the Senate passed a bill that would ensure federal employees get paid in the event of a shutdown:

Central to the debate is funding for Trump’s border wall.

More on the shutdown from Fox News:

A partial shutdown of the federal government appears inevitable, as lawmakers left the Capitol Friday without a deal to fund the government by midnight’s deadline.

The House adjourned Friday without a deal on spending. The Senate adjourned shortly later and is not scheduled to return until noon Saturday.

The Senate was scrambling to take up a spending package with billions in funding for a border wall, amid ongoing negotiations to fund the government by midnight and President Trump acknowledged there was a “good chance” a partial government shutdown would be triggered.

After keeping the vote open for five hours to secure enough support, the Senate on Friday evening finally advanced a House-approved spending bill with $5.7 billion for a border wall, after Vice President Mike Pence went to the Capitol to break a tie. That procedural hurdle paves the way for a final vote in the Senate. But it doesn’t appear a vote will take place until after midnight’s deadline.

It should not be controversial to ensure the security of any of our borders, and yet… the Democrats have made this a hill to die on.


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