This is amazing. Students are saying the dean met with them under false pretenses, explicitly threatened them with sexual assault claims, and that it would “help” if they went co-ed.

The College Fix reports:

Harvard dean threatened to blackmail all-male clubs with sexual assault claims: lawsuit

If Harvard is looking to throw an administrator under the bus in the wake of federal and state lawsuits against its sanctions on single-sex clubs, Rakesh Khurana seems like a good candidate.

The dean of Harvard College invited representatives of all-male clubs to a meeting under false pretenses a year before the sanctions were proposed, according to the federal lawsuit, The Boston Globe reports.

The May 2015 meeting was supposed to cover “the latest school policies on alcohol and sexual assault,” but Khurana instead threatened to blackmail the clubs if they didn’t go coed:

At that meeting, according to the suit, Khurana waved a sheet of paper in the air that he said contained accounts of sexual assault.

“Khurana said that the papers in his hand were very embarrassing to the clubs and that he could not guarantee that they would not be leaked,” the lawsuit says. “But, Khurana said, if some clubs became co-ed — systematically and soon — that would help the situation. It was an unmistakable threat.”