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Kamala Harris Aide Resigns After $400K Sexual Harassment Settlement Comes to Light

Kamala Harris Aide Resigns After $400K Sexual Harassment Settlement Comes to Light

Believe all women…

I wonder how the #MeToo movement will feel about this. Something tells me we’ll hear nothing but crickets.

Leftist darling Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) lost top aide Larry Wallce after he resigned when The Sacramento Bee made it known that he paid $400,000 in a sexual harassment settlement back in 2017.

To the shock of no one, Harris’s office claimed that the senator and her staff did not know. From Fox News:

“We were unaware of this issue and take accusations of harassment extremely seriously,” Harris spokeswoman Lily Adams said. “This evening, Mr. Wallace offered his resignation to the senator, and she accepted it.”

The Sacramento Bee reported the incident:

In her lawsuit against the Department of Justice, Danielle Hartley said she was recruited to be Wallace’s assistant during a 2011 restructuring of the Division of Law Enforcement. Wallace, a former Oakland police detective who previously worked under Harris when she was the district attorney of San Francisco, had been appointed director earlier that year.

During an unspecified period, the lawsuit states, “Hartley had concerns she was being harassed and demeaned due to her gender.”

According to the lawsuit, Wallace placed his printer on the floor underneath his desk and ordered Hartley to replace the paper or ink on a daily basis. When she asked to move the printer to another location so she would not have to crawl under his desk in dresses and skirts, the lawsuit states, Wallace refused. Wallace frequently asked Hartley to put paper in the printer while he was sitting at his desk or in front of other male executives from the division, according to the lawsuit.

Hartley also complained in the lawsuit that Wallace took away her “meaningful tasks” and put her in charge of running personal errands instead, including booking flights for Wallace’s children and washing and performing maintenance on his car. When she would return from these assignments, the lawsuit states, “co-workers would make hostile comments to her including, ‘Are you walking the walk of shame?’”

According to the lawsuit, Hartley eventually informed her supervisor, Shannon Patterson, of the harassment and asked for help. “Hartley observed Patterson enter Wallace’s office and met with him behind closed doors,” the lawsuit states, but after that, she began to experience retaliation.

The lawsuit describes that Hartley was “set up to fail,” micro-managed by Patterson, investigated by internal affairs on a “fabricated charge” for which she was never informed of the outcome, and “told she should quit her job and seek employment elsewhere.”

Hartley claimed the harassment took a toll on her health and job prospects afterwards. She aced an exam for new classification, “but she was not considered either time for the promotion.” She had panic attacks and dove into a deep depression.

The settlement came in May 2017 by Xavier Becerra, who replaced Harris as attorney general. Somehow Becerra and his deputies turned it around on Hartley:

Becerra, who by then had been appointed to succeed Harris, and two of this deputies said the department took “reasonable steps to prevent and correct workplace harassment” by instituting procedures for harassment and training Hartley on the policy.

Hartley “unreasonably failed to utilize the procedures during the period of time, and after, the alleged harassment or discrimination was occurring,” Becerra wrote. “Had Plaintiff taken reasonable effort to utilize these procedures Plaintiff’s alleged harm, injury or damages would have been avoided, in whole or in part.”

So somehow it’s Hartley’s fault?! It sounded like she tried to take the right steps and people retaliated against her.

Harris has been at the forefront in the #MeToo movement, which formed after numerous women accused former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment. Let’s not forget the way Harris treated Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after Dr. Christine Blasey Ford accused him of sexual assault more than 30 years ago. Lefty women loved this. From CNN:

If Harris launches a run for the White House, it could be powered in part by women who admired her interrogation of Kavanaugh and many other Trump nominees during her time in the Senate.

During a recent trip to Iowa where she campaigned for female candidates ahead of the midterm elections, Harris was swarmed by women who praised her questioning of Kavanaugh at a hearing focused on an allegation of sexual assault that occurred when he was in high school. Kavanaugh, who is now on the court, denied the allegation.


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Sergeant Schultz: I Know Nothing.

Harris was so busy investigating Bret Kavanagh that she did not realize she had a sexual predator on staff until the SACBEE brought it to her attention.

    I’ll bet she knew.
    Check out the second sentence. This was in the article also.

    As part of the settlement, Hartley resigned her position and agreed not to seek employment with the Department of Justice again.

    She also agreed to a non-disclosure clause, forbidding her from discussing the settlement amount or alerting the media to the agreement.

That’s how Harris got ahead. Sometimes you have to give to get. That’s wrong now?

Chuckin Houston | December 6, 2018 at 4:14 pm

I believe Harris used to go under Willie Brown’s desk all the time. So Kamala likely thought this was normal behavior.

Also it appears that Becerra did his part in trying to sweep the issue under the rug.

The fuck she dudnt know!

Does anyone else think that the guy behind her chair to the left looks like a robot? The chair crease looks like his arm.

Every damnocrat, with very few exceptions, is a corrupt dishonest pig.

It sounded like she tried to take the right steps

Really? She says so . . . everyone else in the story says otherwise.

Maybe she’s right and everybody else is wrong, or maybe she’s just a terminal fruitcake. I don’t know, and I’ll bet you don’t either.

But it sounds like a good thing to slap Harris with, in any case. She certainly deserves it.

    Shadow5 in reply to tom_swift. | December 6, 2018 at 5:03 pm

    Sense there was a settlement of the lawsuit I’d say that he probably was guilty. Or at least in possession of a guilty conscience. Being a Democrat he was probably the former rather than the latter( sense we know that democratic have no conscience).

What Kamala said to Wallace, “Wallace, we’re not gonna ever discuss this 400,000 payment but you will keep in my files a current/undated resignation letter should I need to distance myself from you.”

Second, did I miss it or has no article mentioned where the almost half a million came from? Was it public money?

Hey. Remember when VP Pence said he always makes sure he’s not alone in a room with a woman who is not his wife?

Man, what an uptight weirdo who needs to come out of the dark ages. He deserved all that Leftist ridicule.

I’m certain Mrs. Hartley would agree. Right? Right?

Fen’s Law, people. Fen’s Law.

what is it about CA senators, Feinstein had a Chinese agent working for her

amatuerwrangler | December 6, 2018 at 8:13 pm

CORRECTION. Larry Wallace was a detective at Berkeley Police, NOT Oakland.

He didn’t pay anything. CA taxpayers did. Thanks to that crook Kamala.