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Anti-Israel Vote Goes Down in Flames at Ohio State University

Anti-Israel Vote Goes Down in Flames at Ohio State University

“demanded an academic boycott against Israeli universities”

The anti-Israel BDS movement just suffered another major blow.

The College Fix reports:

Anti-Israel divestment vote fails spectacularly at Ohio State

When students have to attach their names, the vote goes a little differently.

Ten months after approving a watered-down anti-Israel resolution on a secret ballot, Ohio State University’s Undergraduate Student Government decisively rejected a resolution to divest from and boycott companies that “benefit from the Israeli occupation of Palestine.”

Wednesday night’s vote was seven in favor, 30 against and three abstentions, according to pro-Israel group StandWithUs, correcting reporting by Jewish Telegraphic Agency that conflated “no” votes and abstentions.

Unlike January’s resolution, this one called on the administration to halt business with specific companies: security firm G4S, heavy equipment maker Caterpillar, hummus brand Sabra and “Hewlett-Packard,” a technology company that hasn’t existed for three years. It claims OSU invests in all four based on a 9-year-old financial statement.

More controversially, it demanded an academic boycott against Israeli universities, “including cancellations of currently invited speakers and visiting professors, and to end existing programs or relationships with Israeli universities.”

It said Israeli universities “make justifications for colonization and ethnic cleansing of indigenous Palestinians” and develop systems and “military doctrines.”


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