You can read the full background on Prof. Samuel Abrams. This story is an update.

The College Fix reports:

Writers group blasts Sarah Lawrence College for ‘tepid’ response to harassment of moderate professor

A nonprofit group blasted Sarah Lawrence College’s “tepid” response to the harassment of Prof. Samuel Abrams, a self-proclaimed moderate who wrote a New York Times op-ed criticizing liberal bias among school administrators.

PEN America, a writers organization that promotes academic freedom, said the private liberal arts school’s slow reaction “raises concerns about the institution’s commitment to defending academic freedom.”

Abrams’s op-ed, titled “Think Professors Are Liberal? Try School Administrators,” received backlash from some students. They vandalized his office with signs, including “OUR RIGHT TO EXIST IS NOT ‘IDEOLOGICAL’ ASSHOLE,” and a list of demanded apologies along with a sign reading, “QUIT.”

He wrote another op-ed for The Daily Caller on Oct. 29, “College Administrators–Hypocrisy and Viewpoint Diversity in Higher Ed,” which was met with flyering around campus “alleging impropriety on his part with students,” according to PEN America.

The writers group, which has previously downplayed the threat to free speech on campus, criticized the delay in the college’s response to these incidents:

[I]t was only on November 6, three weeks after the initial incident and three days after the second, that the [school’s] president communicated to the campus an explicit rebuke of the attacks against Abrams and a robust defense of his right to free expression.