This has become so predictable. Anything that is perceived as pro-American comes under fire on campus eventually.

Townhall reports:

University of Pennsylvania Holding Event on the ‘Racism’ in the Roots of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is typically a time for American families to gather together around the table, enjoy a good meal, and reflect upon what they are thankful for.

But for college students at the University of Pennsylvania, the holiday is now also an opportunity to be lectured on America’s “anti-Indigenous racism.”

A graduate student identified as Jax Lastinger is hosting the controversial event at U Penn’s Stouffer College House on Saturday, one day prior to the building’s annual Thanksgiving meal.

According to Fox News, Stouffer College House is known to be one of the most popular housing communities on the UPenn campus. The facility reportedly houses 300 undergraduates, and 10 graduate assistants, or GA’s.

Lastinger’s talk will be titled “A Conversation on Racism – Considerations on Thanksgiving and ‘American’ Politics.”

“Thanksgiving is a holiday that is often framed as a time to be thankful for the bounty we have,” reads the event description. “However, the roots of this holiday lay in the strained history of the United States. In this conversation, we will explore the ways that Native Americans are erased from our culture in the context of Thanksgiving…navigating anti-Indigenous racism in the contemporary context.”

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