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University of Denver Hosting ‘White Privilege Symposium’

University of Denver Hosting ‘White Privilege Symposium’

“to dismantle the systems of racism that permeate this country”

What do events like this have to do with academic study? How do they further any real learning?

Campus Reform reports:

University of Denver hosts ‘White Privilege Symposium’

The University of Denver will host and sponsor the annual “White Privilege Symposium,” (WPS) which is set up to “examine patterns, cultures, and systems that contribute to identity, power, and privilege,” on Friday and Saturday.

The symposium will feature breakout sessions such as “Anti-Racist Allyship: Avoiding The Pitfalls,” “Colleagial Check-In for POC: Needing Connection While Managing Whiteness,” “Colored White: A Discussion On White Identity,” “White Accountability,” and more, according to the symposium website,

“White Accountability” will explain why white people need to check their privilege in order to stop racism.

“Helping white people understand the difference between accountability and blame and challenging white people to use this knowledge to check their own white [privilege] and to dismantle the systems of racism that permeate this country,” is the stated purpose of the session.

Another workshop titled “Similar but Separate” seeks to explain the difference between black and brown women to the audience.

“We will explain the differences of black and brown women in Colorado,” that description states. “Many people believe black and brown women experience the same inequalities; however we do not.”

The “Anti-Racist Allyship: Avoiding the Pitfalls” workshop even criticizes the “good progressive or liberal” who considers themselves an “anti-racist ally.”The description asks progressives and liberals, “what happens when you are challenged, to think of yourself and your work differently?”


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White privilege, white power, white nationalism. How does one tell which ones are left-wing and “woke” and which ones are right-wing and “racist”? Will the university hold a “white power symposium” next?