Some people would look at this and say it’s a scam. It certainly doesn’t seem fair, anyway.

The Sacramento Bee reports:

California universities make millions on applications they reject

UCLA made more than $6.7 million last year from admission applications, with more than 80 percent of it coming from applications that were ultimately rejected.

UCLA topped a list of 500 higher education institutions, public and private, surveyed by the National Center for Education Statistics and curated by LendEDU, a “marketplace for private student loans, student loan refinancing, credit cards and personal loans,” according to its website.

But UCLA wasn’t alone among California universities to receive considerable revenue from applications. Thirteen California universities were counted among the top 50 for total revenue from applications, with the first six slots going to UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Berkeley, UC Irvine and UC Santa Barbara.

To read LendEDU’s study, see here.