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UMass ‘Students Against Fascism’ Hold Walkout Against ‘Right-Wing Terror’

UMass ‘Students Against Fascism’ Hold Walkout Against ‘Right-Wing Terror’

“You have been warned”

Someone should ask these students what they think of what happened at Tucker Carlson’s house.

Campus Reform reports:

UMass students label ‘right-wing trolls,’ ‘conservative apologists’ as ‘THE ENEMY’

A University of Massachusetts Amherst student group organized a walkout on Wednesday, labeling “right-wing trolls” and “conservative apologists” as “THE ENEMY.”

The UMass Students Against Fascism held a walkout against “right-wing terror” in response to recent developments they see as troubling, including the appointment of “rapist Kavanaugh” to the Supreme Court, as well as anti-Semitic and white supremacist terror attacks throughout the country.

“We are frightened and angry at the appointment of the rapist [Justice Brett] Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the Trump administration’s attack on trans rights, the fascist public beatings and antisemitic [sic] arson attacks in NYC, the white-supremacist murders in Kentucky, the antisemitic [sic] mass shooting in Pittsburgh, the sexist mass shooting in Florida, the growing threats of state and vigilante violence against the caravan of Honduran refugees traveling to the US border, and the list just keeps getting longer,” the group said in the event description.

UMass Students Against Fascism described the walkout as a place to honor those murdered recently, as well as a space “to resist fascist violence.” The group included a section labeled “THE ENEMY,” under which read, “Fascists, right-wing trolls, conservative apologists, etc. are not welcome at this event or the LINK event. You have been warned.”


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“Fascists, right-wing trolls, conservative apologists, etc. are not welcome at this event or the LINK event.”

Dang, the list of people they’re afraid of has gotten so long they don’t have room to list’em all, they have to use “etc.”

So that just basically left the real students to study and learn in a peaceful environment? Sounds like they need more walkouts, up to 7 per week would be a good target number.

You have been warned.

Oooohh, and they put it in writing, too. How terribly Mein Kampf of them.

caseoftheblues | November 12, 2018 at 1:19 am

Somebody needs to sit them down and explain they are in fact actual Fascists

Surely Mr Kavanaugh can / should sue these people for libel ? Calling him a rapist.