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U. Oklahoma Lays Off 50 Staffers in ‘First Phase’ of Reductions

U. Oklahoma Lays Off 50 Staffers in ‘First Phase’ of Reductions

In the school’s defense, it looks like they are taking these measures to avoid a problem in the future, rather than as a last resort for something they never dealt with.

News OK reports:

University of Oklahoma lays off 50 in first phase of staff reductions

The University of Oklahoma cut approximately 50 staff positions Thursday in ongoing efforts to bring expenses in line with income.

A university spokeswoman said this is the first phase of layoffs and further layoffs may come next year as departmental efficiency plans are submitted and refined.

“Because this will be a constant process of evaluating efficiencies within the university, there is no timeline for layoffs,” she said. “These very difficult decisions are made as part of recommendations and proposals from area leadership based on finding new efficiencies.”

President Jim Gallogly notified faculty and staff in a letter about Thursday’s layoffs. He told them no further reductions are expected this calendar year, but leadership “will continue our work group by group to assess where additional savings and efficiencies can be achieved going forward.”

Gallogly has said the budget he inherited July 1 would have a $15 million operating loss if kept in place. He began rectifying that his first day on the job with cuts to the executive staff and a reorganization.


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I didn’t even know they were in trouble, but I live halfway across the country on the east coast.

Anyways, the cuts made will matter. Are they laying off some custodial staff that make pennies or bloated administrative services personnel and middle management equivalents? The types of layoffs will be more important than a pre-emptive cut.

Actually, OU is in a lot of trouble. The new president fired the financial VPs in his first week and cut down a lot of the administration. I think he will be reviewing every department. I hope he gets rid of the diversity program.

Key point mentioned is “Net tuition and fees have gone up 34.4 percent over the past five years.” Boren (D) who was the president and finally retired tried to get a one cent sales tax passed by the voters. He tried to sell it as a $5,000 raise for K-12 teachers, but in reality, most of the dollars raised went to the university system. The tax was voted down.

OU has large departments for Gender Studies and African-American Studies. These “studies” departments, that teach students to be perpetual victims, should be eliminated. That would encourage students to focus on real courses of study that will enhance their future lives and careers, and empower them to stop thinking of themselves as victims.