President Donald Trump told the media in the Oval Office that he answered all the questions from Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

He has not submitted the answers, but he wrote them out personally.

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From The Hill:

Trump told reporters in the Oval Office that he hasn’t submitted the answers yet, but that he wrote them personally.

“I’ve answered them very easily. I’m working on them,” he said, later adding that he “just finished them.”

He denied that a string of fiery tweets accusing Mueller’s team, without evidence, of “screaming and shouting” at witnesses and “horribly threatening” them during testimony, was based on his fear of what the special counsel might find.

“I’m not agitated. It’s a hoax,” Trump said, adding that he is “very happy” because of the strong economy and other White House accomplishments.

Back in April, The New York Times published the list of questions Mueller wanted to ask Trump. The list included questions about former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, firing of James Comey, Jeff Sessions, and of course any campaign coordination with Russia.

A person close to the situation told The Wall Street Journal that Trump’s “legal team for weeks has been working with Mr. Trump to develop responses to written questions provided by Mr. Mueller’s investigators on the subject of collusion.”

Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani said earlier on Friday that no one has submitted the answers and did not provide a timetable over when it will happen. Giuliani described some questions as “unnecessary” and “possible traps.”

But once the questions are handed over, the “legal team has said it will discuss with the special counsel whether he still wants a sit-down interview with Mr. Trump.” Giuliani said “the lawyers are against” the idea of a sit-down interview.

Trump criticized the Mueller investigation on Twitter on Wednesday: