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Branco Cartoon – The Good Hands People

Branco Cartoon – The Good Hands People

There when Dems need them

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Yes, indeed: You’re in good hands with AllSnake!

Just an observation, the name tag is really superfluous.

    When I look at her I think Don King. When she talks I think Donna Brazile. The name tag helps. Plus, it keeps Hillary on track, since minorities all look alike to her.

      persecutor in reply to windbag. | November 15, 2018 at 2:15 pm

      When I see her, I think of Jobu, the voodoo god that Pedro Serrano worshiped by giving him a cigar and some rum in the movie Major League.
      It’s almost like they were twins separated at birth.

They do mean ‘by any means necessary’.

Her name tag should read “Swipes”.

That would be DOKTOR Snipes, if you please.

She needs to share a cell with Hillary!

Wow, this is the best picture of Dr. Snipes I have seen to date!

Great work as always!

I guess that makes us Mayhem!