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Student Claims Prof Asked Class to Compare Trump With Nazi Policies

Student Claims Prof Asked Class to Compare Trump With Nazi Policies

“feels extremely one-sided and [like] full-on indoctrination”

This is not only outrageous as an insult to Trump, but also to the memory of the Holocaust.

Campus Reform reports:

Prof asks students to compare Trump, Nazi policies

A University of Arizona student has reported that she was asked to compare President Donald Trump’s policies to those of the Nazis in a course based on the history of the Holocaust.

“Now that you have studied the Vichy Anti-Jewish Laws, the German Ordinances, and pre-Vichy laws imposed on the Jews (French, immigrant, and refugee) and the repercussions that they had for Jews in France, examine and analyze more current anti-immigrant laws in the United States,” the extra credit assignment reads.

As examples of these “anti-immigrant laws,” the assignment referenced the DACA, Arizona SB 1070, and Executive Order 13769, which the professor described as a “Muslim ban requested by the Trump administration.”

Students were asked to answer, “What populations are targeted by these laws? In what ways are they being used? Would the term ‘scapegoating’ be applicable here and therefore, what did (does) President Trump hope to achieve by invoking them?”

“This was only an extra credit assignment, but regardless it still feels extremely one-sided and [like] full-on indoctrination,” L’wren Tikva, a student taking the class, told Campus Reform. Tikva said she responded to the assignment by telling her professor that it was unproductive and “anti-Trump,” and that it would “cause more division.”

“As a Jewish American who has ties to those who survived the Holocaust it’s pretty trivializing comparing Trump’s policies to the Holocaust,” Tikva wrote to her professor. “Almost all of these policies are in no way comparable and the President is in his legal authority to implement these policies.”


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Since in reality, a point by point comparison of Hitler and Trump would show NO correlation, I wonder how this professor doesn’t end up embarrassed by his own exercise? I think the comparison would work better with Obama.

The left knows there is no positive comparison but still want voters to think there are many. Loud & frequent lies work.

    Walker Evans in reply to Canto28. | November 4, 2018 at 1:14 am

    Lefties have been braying this same line of donkey droppings for a long time and from my experiences with my left-leaning neighbors it is no longer working, at least with anyone who goes through the day even partially conscious. Trump promised many of the same things the lefties have been telling everyone they would bring, for years; the only real difference is that Trump actually delivered on those promises!

    This midterm is going to show us if people are actually willing to be covered in bovine excrement again, or if they have had enough and will throw off the yoke of the Democrats plantation.