As if the security fees weren’t ridiculous enough, the student association awarded the group a lousy $16.50 for their event. This is nothing more than using the system to enforce ideological bias.

The YAF blog reports:

After Awarding $16.50 For D’Souza YAF Lecture, Stanford Slaps $19,000 Security Fee On Conservative Club

The Associated Students of Stanford University have awarded a conservative club a measly $16.50 to host New York Times bestselling author, filmmaker, and speaker Dinesh D’Souza as part of Young America’s Foundation’s exclusive ‘#FakeHistory Debunked Lecture Tour.’

In addition, the Stanford Student Activities and Leadership Office informed the Stanford College Republicans that the security costs for Dinesh D’Souza’s appearance are estimated to be more than $19,000. A private supporter to the College Republicans is willing to pay that exorbitant fee, however the CRs have been told by Stanford that half of the funding to pay for security must originate from “on campus sources.”

Despite the willingness of generous Young America’s Foundation supporters and other concerned individuals, the tyrants-in-training in charge of Stanford’s student government and administration are using bureaucratic roadblocks to prevent D’Souza from speaking.

Weeks ago, fragile liberals learned that the CRs applied for funding to host D’Souza on campus. In predictable leftist fashion, they quickly engaged in a smear campaign against D’Souza. Falling in lockstep, the Associated Students voted with leftists’ special interests in mind, denying the College Republicans’ $6,000 funding request.

Regarding the latest development, Dinesh D’Souza remarked, “Stanford seems terrified of genuine intellectual diversity. How shameful for a top-ranked university. I’m delighted that Young America’s Foundation is pushing ahead with this. I intend to bring to Stanford the perspective of an immigrant of color who refuses to be cowed by the Left and who doesn’t accept the dependency of the progressive ethnic plantation as offering genuine dignity or success.”