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Hundreds of Migrants Rush U.S. Border, Force Port of Entry Closure

Hundreds of Migrants Rush U.S. Border, Force Port of Entry Closure

Reports of tear gas fired to prevent breach of border.

We’ve been covering the latest caravan of illegal aliens making its way to the U. S.  According to reports, approximately five hundred of these aliens rushed the border, overwhelming U. S. border authorities, and forcing closure of a major port of entry between Tijuana and San Diego.

Fox News reports:

Images and videos posted on social media Sunday afternoon showed hundreds of migrants from the leading Central American caravan pushing past Mexican riot police and rushing the border at the port of entry in San Ysidro, Calif., in a major test for both U.S. border authorities and Mexican officials.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials have suspended northbound and southbound vehicle and pedestrian crossings at the San Ysidro port of entry, officials told Fox News, and tear gas was being fired from the U.S. side of the border. Children were screaming and coughing in the mayhem.

Within an hour, the group that rushed toward the border largely dispersed. Most of the migrants in the group were men.

Fox 8 has more:

The crowds are made up of men, women and a lot of children, said CNN stringer Alfredo Alvarez, who is in the crowd.

Because the regular border crossings were closed, the migrants headed for the cargo area where the railroad crosses, Alvarez said.

The migrants appeared to be meters from the US border wall, he said. He could not see from his position if the migrants had managed to get across the actual border.


Yesterday, President Trump tweeted:

AP reports that U.S. Border Patrol fired tear gas to prevent a breach of the fence:

Migrants approaching the U.S. border from Mexico were enveloped with tear gas Sunday after a few tried to breach the fence separating the two countries.

U.S. agents shot the gas, according to an Associated Press reporter on the scene. Children were screaming and coughing in the mayhem.

Honduran migrant Ana Zuniga, 23, said she saw migrants open a small hole in concertina wire at a gap on the Mexican side of a levee, at which point U.S. agents fired tear gas at them.

“We ran, but when you run the gas asphyxiates you more,” she told the AP while cradling her 3-year-old daughter Valery in her arms.

This is a developing story, and we will update as we learn more.



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Note that the press will only report on the women and children, a tiny fraction of the predominately male crowd. They’re breaking the law, and impeding *legal* immigrants who are following the law. Guess which of those two groups I’d prefer to see come into the country.

“Children were screaming and coughing in the mayhem.”

Always have to get that in. Can’t have a compelling narrative without citing the effect on children. But don’t call it fake news. It’s not fake. It’s propaganda.

Mexico must be an extremely hostile environment, if “refugees” are compelled to risk lives at both ends of the bridge and throughout, in order to force emigration. Worse than their nations of origin? Someone is lying.

If you are a parent, how do you subject your child or children to this type of abuse? They are using children to hide behind, just like Hamas.

The abuse is the invaders using children as shields. The abuse is putting the children in danger by the actions of the adults who are looking to do something illegal and trying to get away with it by holding their child for ransom.

    Close The Fed in reply to oldgoat36. | November 25, 2018 at 7:47 pm

    The treatment of illegal alien parents illustrates AGAIN the legal double standard in America. If an American parent allowed their children to be in such danger, the parent might be jailed and the children taken away from them.

    But for illegal aliens, no matter what they subject their children to, they suffer ZERO legal consequences, except positive ones.

    This makes me wretch. Americans are 2nd Class Citizens in their own country.

My father and my uncle went through proper military channels to get permission to marry and bring their brides over from Europe after WW2. When cleaning up the homestead, I found the Army papers relating to my mom and I assume that my uncle had a similar set from the Air Force.

Both my mom and my aunt went through all the medical tests, applied for citizenship as soon as they could, and raised their kids to be Americans, not Euro-Americans. None of my generation know the languages of their mothers (Dutch and ? for my aunt and Latvian, Russian, German, Polish for my mom).

There is a legal way to get into this country. No line-jumping.

    Liz in reply to Liz. | November 25, 2018 at 8:00 pm

    Another point – my Latvian relatives who were in displaced persons camp (DP camp) were given a few options – stay in the DP camp, go back to Latvia where they would be under Soviet control, or here’s a ticket to Australia as a war refugee.

    I have relatives in Australia & New Zealand. I don’t know of anyone who stayed in Latvia.

    A cousin came over to the US to train as a sailboat designer, did his training, and was then refused a green card to continue his training/work. He went back to NZ, decided to change careers and is now a doctor in Auckland. Our loss & NZ gain of getting one of their sons back.

    I agree with the concept of merit-based immigration as well as the ability to take care of oneself. I checked out the requirements of moving to NZ in case Mom wanted to be closer to her relatives. There were a lot of financial requirements & proof of sustainability.

    Open borders & giving $$ to those who come in is not helping America. We need to stop it.

Here is a live feed at the border crossing.

Here is the CBP San Diego twitter feed:

About 20 minutes ago, the Mexicans took down half of the barrier they had up, and as of now you can still see the other half up. Tall steel shields. Don’t know why the Mexicans removed them.

    “Don’t know why the Mexicans removed them.”

    The obvious answer is that Mexico supports invasion of the US. They don’t even bother to hide it much, at least in Spanish-language media.

      JusticeDelivered in reply to randian. | November 27, 2018 at 10:31 pm

      Mexico is profiting to the tune of 70+ billion a year. We need to start taxing those money transfers by at least 20% to pay for border enforcement costs.

    They initially closed down all lanes to better secure the port. More concertina wire, etc.. to keep the pedestrians from storming the entry.

CBP San Diego on Twitter :

Pedestrian East and West are open at the San Ysidro port of entry for both northbound and southbound crossings.

claymore mines and concertina wire.

lots of both.

this is an invasion, and should be treated as such.

It is done. All done but cucks declaring the brats the invaders squat out are ‘real Americans’. There are hundreds of millions in this hemisphere and billions elsewhere that want to be Americans. Congrats cucks, you’ve won. Our nation is finished. Not now, ten years from now, maybe outside fifteen it will be over for red state America. The rich enclaves will be ‘vibrant’ but not too dangerous and they’ll get their cheap nannies.

If Trump does not now order real force to be used, this will be the end of America. We lost in ’65 and had a chance to turn it around in the 80’s but it is done as far as I can see. I’ll move wherever the rest of the replaced Americans go.

    Amazing how you get downvoted for stating such a simple truth.

    By our own people.

    We’re in deeper trouble than I thought.

      We are.

      The left is this crazy:

      Democrat senator accuses US of using ‘chemical weapons’ on border invaders:

        I suppose he would prefer they used bullets!

        Ask the Senator if he criticized Bill Clinton and Janet Reno when they used tear gas at Waco and started a fire that actually killed women and children!

          TrickyRicky in reply to CaptTee. | November 26, 2018 at 10:08 pm

          I would have preferred phosgene, but tear gas will do for now. If an esteemed senator has judged that our law enforcement has used chemical weapons, why not go for the gusto?

          TrickyRicky in reply to CaptTee. | November 26, 2018 at 10:17 pm

          I am sure that Sen. Schatz has fired off a scathing telegram to President Macron accusing the gendarmes of war crimes for the blatant use of tear gas on the Champs Elysee to put down the yellow vest protests. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

      forksdad in reply to Fen. | November 26, 2018 at 3:20 pm

      Cucks hate to be called out for their fetish for ‘principled losing’. They live to lose, they have conserved nothing except the second amendment and that grudgingly. They believe that because the laws of this land worked for a hundred and ninety years that they had to work forever. That if we could just convince enough people that ‘democrats are the real racists’ and ‘free markets make everybody rich’ we’d win the day. They somehow believe the dirt in America is magic and makes a Guatemalan who has even learned Spanish in the five hundred years of exposure will somehow be ‘natural conservatives’.

      Protect our borders? They can’t protect the little girls room at the local kindergarten. Get rid of birthright citizenship? They won’t even throw out the thirty to fifty million illegals. Treat them like an invading army? Hell they are ready to cede California.

      The worst part is my family who think ‘Americans’ they mean whites are ‘getting what they deserve’. I have tried to explain, I tried to explain this weekend that there won’t be any ‘white guilt’ from these invaders and they never will have any. That special treatment from the Feds, that regard in the media? Unless it tears down legacy America, it’s gone. You think it’s bad now? You don’t like being on the outside now? Wait until Occasional Cortex and her ilk are in the majority. You’ll dream about the days of a solid European American run government and still blame them for your problems.

      We had a fair run as a republic, we had a shorter run as a quasi-democracy/oligarchy, and we are rapidly running through the pre-empire faze. Maybe we’ll come out the other side still called America, it took a long time for some areas to give up the name ‘Rome’ but we won’t look like the place I was raised. And they don’t care because they’d rather lose than do what is necessary.

I’m sure that the organizers of these caravans despise the USA as the motherland of racism, where these migrants will find themselves at the bottom of the social heap. WOuldn’t it be a delicious irony, then, if, in view of such accusations, the USA arrested those organizers and charged them with human trafficking? I hope that will be done.

What’s really annoys me is that “caravans” are getting attention, but the Rio Grande Valley sector gets 1,000 illegals caught a day and no attention to it.

This is high profile and therefore is dealt with. The entire border is a sieve.

Here is a tweet from the RGV sector agent:
Manuel Padilla, Jr.

@ManuelPadillaJr Nov 19

???? #Weekend #Border #News ????

This weekend in #RGV South Texas alone:

-Nearly 2,500 illegal alien arrests
-2 #USBP Agents assaulted
-one 911 call results in 7 rescued
-11 narcotic smuggling cases foiled
-1 dead body discovered
#BuildTheWall #BorderSecurity IS #NationalSecurity

Am I the only one wondering if any elected officials read this site? If so, let me be clear:

I support:

The closing of the POE today.
The use of tear gas.
The use of actual bullets.
Imprisoning parents who attempt to or do, cross over with their children for child endangerment, or who entrust their children to strangers or coyotes for such a dangerous trip.
Changing our immigration laws to end this asylum joke. Any lawyer will tell you such a system is WAY too easy to game.
Eliminating all legal immigration for 50 years, as we did from the mid-20s until the 60s.
Eliminating the advantage of employers over American employees in the importation of cheap foreign labor, both legal and illegal.
MASS deportation of all illegal aliens including VISA Overstayers.

I’m in Georgia, north Georgia.

We NEED this on the border, the Active Denial System.

It’s ready to use! WHY is it not deployed?

Uh, Fuzzy? Re: your headline. Not “migrants”; the correct term is “invaders”.

From the admirable Andy Ngo: “Mexican interior ministry says it will deport a group of 500 foreign nationals who tried to violently storm its border with the US.”

If true, good on Mexico for finally being a useful ally against this invasion.

    There’s an immediate problem with the report, namely that it is in English. Without knowing the original Spanish – and sadly that is not one of my languages – it’s difficult to be truly certain it’s “the 500” or “those among the 500 who were violent”, judged to be a much smaller subset.

    Though put bluntly, deporting a single one would be a change, so let’s just relax and see if such a thing happens. The truth will come out soon enough.

Sarah Hoyt has done some outstanding reporting on the migrant horde, where they are originating from and why, and examining just how well-funded and organized the caravan operations are.

We need to find out which “Spectre” orgs are pulling the strings and bring them to their knees.

Get ggressive, GOP. Stop being forced into a Prevent Defense.

Sounds like a job for Guantanamo.

Not much security needed—if they want to escape from there to Cuba, so much the better.

Anything else—capture & incarceration, “catch & release”, even prison time—gets them into the country, which is their whole idea. So, put them in some other country. It’s the only way to win, short of racking up mounds of dead bodies.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to tom_swift. | November 27, 2018 at 10:59 pm

    Bullets are the least expensive way to deal with them, they and the other 20-30 million illegals we already have are stealing from the American people.

ABC news is promoting open borders and does all it can to make the USA authorities appear to be evil and the invaders as angelic. Military tribunals need to investigate the highly-paid media overlords who are trying to destroy USA sovereignty. Traitor is one term that comes to mind.

    Milhouse in reply to Obbop. | November 26, 2018 at 11:13 am

    It’s free speech, protected by the first amendment. They are just as entitled to their opinion as you are entitled to yours.

End DACA,begin deportations and Build The Wall .

I woke up this morning to NPR’s report on this incident, which emphasized that this was a peaceful march until it got to the border. Well, of course it was. What occasion for violence was there until then? It’s like saying that while the robbers were on their way to the bank they were law-abiding.

The reporter also tried to make out as if the bulk of those 500 people had no violent intentions, they were just going to ask politely to be let in. Only a small number of them were involved in rushing the fence, breaking it down, attacking the border agents with deadly weapons, etc. The rest had nothing to do with it, and how dare the US tear gas them.

Give me a ****ing break.

To hell with tear gas–use live ammunition. The Democrats with their handpicked judges have been busy for years bringing in as many feeders off the public trough as possibleto increase their voting power.
You haven’t noted the Chief Justice’s rebuke ofTrump for criticising the federal mis-judge
in the no asylum for illegals case. Not merely was he the pick of probably the dumbest president we ever had–the shrub–but chickened out when man-maued by Obama on the
Obama care issue and never said a word when one of the SC’s witches shot her mouth off during the election campaign. Probably. afraid that she would beat him with her broom.