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Georgia Southern Prof Claims Trump and GOP Used Fear and Prejudice in Midterms

Georgia Southern Prof Claims Trump and GOP Used Fear and Prejudice in Midterms

“It was a disgusting technique”

How would this professor classify the antics of the left over the last few months?

The College Fix reports:

Georgia Southern prof: Trump, GOP peddled racism for mid-term election successes

A associate professor of writing and linguistics says President Trump and the Republican Party allowed “prejudice and fear” to “rule the day” in the 2018 mid-term elections, and the American people were the ultimate losers as a result.

Georgia Southern University’s Jared Yates Sexton, who teaches fiction and creative writing including “working class literature” and “changing masculine roles,” writes in the Globe and Mail that the president “peddled a truly repugnant and factually untrue narrative revolving around a caravan of migrants from Central America.” Mr. Trump also used bad words like “dangerous” and “diseases” while discussing the matter.

“It was a disgusting technique,” Sexton says, “one that should have earned a long-heralded rebuke, but Mr. Trump has shown there’s little consequence in this country for lies or racist behaviour.”

The professor then pivots to his employer’s home state where he accuses Governor-elect Brian Kemp of “purging” Georgia’s voter rolls of “thousands of African-Americans.” He says Kemp “mishandled” polling sites in minority-heavy areas and cautioned that the New Black Panther Party would “intimidate voters.”

Professor Sexton must have missed this, not to mention the mainstream media-muzzled shenanigans going on in Florida’s (heavily Democratic) Broward and Palm Beach Counties.


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Besides teaching fiction, he evidently writes it.

OleDirtyBarrister | November 12, 2018 at 4:06 pm

Georgia Southern is an adult day care service for people that cannot get into college.

This workdodger and minor regurgitator of information not only could not get a job on the real world, he could not get a job at a real academic institution.

No worse than the Stanford guest speaker in the other article, maybe slightly less stupid in fact. No new nonsense phrases like “spectacular racism”.