This is being shown to be true at schools all over the country. It’s important for the public to see the lack of political balance.

The Cornell Daily Sun reports:

99.5% Cornell Faculty, Academics’ Donations Given to Left-Leaning Groups

Over the last year, professors, researchers and lecturers collectively donated approximately $289,975.05 to election campaigns. Almost all donations were to left-leaning candidates for Congressional, gubernatorial and other races. There was only one donation to Republican candidates.

To compile this data, The Sun filtered public Federal Election Committee filings, collecting the donation information from individuals who listed Cornell University as their employer. The Sun then confirmed the current appointment of each donor as a Cornell faculty member, instructor or researcher. Administrators and other personnel were excluded from all calculations.

“I don’t think this data is surprising at all; it’s reflective of the political alignment of the University and its staff,” said Michael Johns ’20, president of Cornell Republicans. “… The Cornell community should carefully consider the implications of [The Sun’s] findings, especially as it relates to the political culture of the university.”

Most campaign dollars were contributed through political action committees or PACs. These organizations are dedicated to raising money on behalf of a particular party, candidate or cause. Some of the most common include End Citizens United, Emily’s List, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democratic National Committee, and ActBlue.


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