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EU Hails Democrats’ Gains in the Midterms

EU Hails Democrats’ Gains in the Midterms

UK Daily Express: “EU chiefs abandoned all pretense of political neutrality.”

Doing away with diplomatic niceties, the top European Union officials have welcomed the gains made by the Democrats in the US midterm elections. Vice President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans hailed the electoral results while attacking the Trump administration for its “racism” and “rudeness.” “Inspired by voters in the U.S. who chose hope over fear, civility over rudeness, inclusion over racism, equality over discrimination,” Timmermans wrote on Twitter.

EU Economic Commissioner, Pierre Moscovici, also cheered the Democrats winning the House majority. “The Democrats win the House of Representatives for the first time in eight years despite powerful Republican gerrymandering,” Moscovici said.

The “EU chiefs abandoned all pretence of political neutrality,” British newspaper Daily Express noted. The EU top brass had been concerned by “Trump’s criticisms of the EU, including praise for Britain’s decision to leave the bloc, his policies in the Middle East and threats of a trade war against the Union,” the newspaper added.

Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas used the occasion to call for a stronger political union between the European nation states. “On this side of the Atlantic, we need to find a response to the “America First” slogan.” Maas said, “It is clear to us that it can only be ‘Europe United.’ We, as Europeans, must get closer together.”

German car manufacturers expect the Democrats to derail President Trump’s plan to place tariffs on vehicles being imported from Europe. “German car companies rejoice over a weakened Trump,” the leading German newspaper Die Welt reported.

“Many Democrats see Trump’s threats to raise tariffs on European automobiles as being too extreme. It is very much possible that [Democrats] will fight this [tariff] plan, something that could have a dramatic impact on German economy,” the newspaper explained.

German state broadcaster Deutsche Welle was disappointed that the “midterm elections did not lead to a broad rejection of Trumpism” despite the US President being “even more toxic, vile and vicious than he was during his campaign” two years ago. Given the recent surge in popular nationalism across Europe, the broadcaster was disappointed that the US midterms failed to deal a decisive blow the President Trump’s agenda:

The bad news for the country and the world is that this outcome also signals the normalization of Trumpism, which will surely be noted by the various “mini-Trumps” all over the globe. Because of that and because we could not pretend – unlike 2016 – to not know what Trumpism is, the outcome of these midterms in some way stings even more than Donald Trump’s win two years ago.

German business newspaper Handelsblatt was more sober in its assessment. “Hopes that the elections will rein in President Donald Trump are likely to be dashed,” the newspaper commented. “Europeans on the left and right, apart from right-wing populists, of course, hope that American voters will usher in a change in US politics. Europe is much too weak to counter the raucous policies of this president.”

British newspaper The Guardian hailed the DNC electoral gains, claiming that “Democrats have ended the era of unchecked Republican power and can now frustrate his agenda on everything from tax cuts to healthcare and immigration.”

The “best hope for the Democrats’ future will be the arrival of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Capitol Hill,” London-based newspaper Independent declared, referring to the newly elected congresswoman from Queens.

The lone voice of support for President Trump came from Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini. “Congratulations to President Trump for the seats he won at the Senate and those he held in crucial states against everyone: left-wing journalists, actors, singers, directors and pseudo-intellectuals,” he said.

Despite the upbeat mood in Brussels over the electoral gains made by the Democrats, the expectations of the European ruling class have not been fulfilled. As the UK business daily Financial Express explained:

What liberal Europe had hoped for from the midterms was a clear indication that Mr Trump was heading for defeat in 2020. The plan then could be to “wait him out” — to hope that Iran can be persuaded to stick to its nuclear deal with the international community, that the next president will take the US back into the Paris climate change accord, and that the fires started by Mr Trump’s trade wars can be contained.

Those hopes have failed to materialize this election cycle. The relentless barrage of hostile media coverage, celebrity activism, and political smear campaign have failed to diminish US President’s popularity among his core base. The strategy of waiting out President Trump appears to be more risky than ever for the EU to follow. With German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her way out and French President Emmanuel Marcon more unpopular at home than ever, the EU faces a leadership crisis at a crucial time. In face of surging popularity of anti-establishment parties on the right and left, the EU top brass will have a tough time running a bitterly divided house.

Video: “Nobody treats us much worse than the European Union,” Trump [60 Minutes-CBS News; October 2018]

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There was a time when I supported the notion of a European Union, but then it was being presented as a matter of mere efficiency, with a common currency and simplified trade procedures. The monster that grew out of this limited notion is an unelected, insolent bureaucracy hell-bent on foisting their own policies on a public that does not want them.

    MattMusson in reply to Valerie. | November 8, 2018 at 2:01 pm

    The Reality is that the EU destroyed manufacturing throughout the southern sector of Europe. Greece, Spain and Portugal used to have a manufacturing base. But, those industries all moved North.

    oldgoat36 in reply to Valerie. | November 8, 2018 at 6:22 pm

    Concepts of the EU are always sold for the finer points while ignoring the gorilla in the room, it is run by a consortium of unelected people… yeah, like the UN, decent sounding concept till you see these are all power hungry people who will always take more and more power unto themselves, and they are beholden to only themselves.

    That is a recipe for disaster. Which both concepts have clearly demonstrated.

    And honestly, if it were only those highlighted issues which would improve and make life hunky dory over there, couldn’t that have been done without creating the EU? Only if, of course, that were the only real goal of it… which it never was.

      Edward in reply to oldgoat36. | November 8, 2018 at 11:48 pm

      That’s why one of the “founders” of the idea admitted after the EU treaty was a done deal that from the very start, with the Iron and Coal trade treaty, it was always the intent to slowly slip an EU type bureaucratic mechanism past the people until it was too late to stop it when they finally noticed it.

Isn’t it a shame that the USA still has not chosen to join in the suicide pact created by the EU. Instead of sending James Taylor back to Europe for more guitar diplomacy , Trump’s theme song is rather “Hit with your best shot”. We saved Europe from the looming risk of the USSR for this? Time to leave.

he’s gonna be mad as hell when Trump gets re-elected in 2020, and the GOP takes back the House.

a pox on Yurop and the yuropeons.

Clearly we should vote for those US leaders who are favored by foreign countries.

“Nobody treats us much worse than the European Union”.

This is insane. And nobody believes it, including Duh Donald.

I hope…

    Imagine if you needed a security detail 24/7 to defend your life, and you charged them room and board.

      notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Fen. | November 8, 2018 at 2:59 pm

      The U.S. won 2 world wide wars that the Europeans started, and prevented a 3rd world wide war by defending them for almost 50 years from Communist Dictatorship Takeover…….

      And this is how they treat U.S.???????

      As a parent would correctly inform any child going on a date:
      “If they lay one finger on you in anger, tell them that is the end! No more dates and you’ll never see them again. Let alone marry them.

      Same thing goes for Jim Acosta!

      “Jim Acosta

      T-Shirts coming Soon!!!!

      Ragspierre in reply to Fen. | November 8, 2018 at 3:19 pm

      Was that bullshit an attempt at a “metaphor”…???

      We have allies, with whom we share interests. Is this really beyond you?

      Does China treat us worse that the EU?


      North Korea?




      Jeeeezus, think for once…!!!

      Is the EU Europe? Look it up.

        Rags: “We have allies, with whom we share interests. Is this really beyond you?”

        Maybe. It’s not like I staff the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence or anything. And if I did, my exposure wouldn’t extend beyond ensuring fresh coffee.

        What I do know is that when my friends meet me for lunch, they make an attempt to grab the check before I can.

As always, Yes, Minister got it right 35 years ago. Too bad Hollyweird can’t put out timeless “factually correct” comedy. And I’m pretty sure peeps at BBC were asleep when this was being made.

Yhe EU is nothing more than a regional “nation” controlled by unelected, rich Globalists. It exists to further the interests of those Globalists, not the citizens of the nations which comprise it.

DieJustAsHappy | November 8, 2018 at 12:18 pm

My notion is that the only unity worth having is the one that comes from the hearts of free men and not a so-called forced one by authority on high, such as that of the EU. That they want to highly criticize President Trump and his administration for attempting to preserve much is what good and right about America while their Europeans countries are going tubesville just goes to show what a bunch of jabbernowls they are.

thalesofmiletus | November 8, 2018 at 12:46 pm

Screw EU. In a generation or so, they’ll only exist in the history books.

The EU where some bureaucrat in Brussels can tell a fisherman living on the Isle of Wright how many fish he can catch. We might be looking at the slight possibility of government overreach.

In a generation they’ll be the Islamic Union.

“best hope for the Democrats’ future will be the arrival of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Capitol Hill…”

… sure – if the hope is she arrives on Capitol Hill and keeps going … to Venezuela …

The EU Trash loves other Trash and ‘Democrats’ are embracing that as fast as they can.

Immigration reform to gerrymander the vote and compensate for Planned Parenthood is the European socialists’ only hope.

    Edward in reply to n.n. | November 8, 2018 at 5:33 pm

    apparently one of the “ladies” on The View knows why the Republicans still control the Senate. It’s that idea of Elbridge Gerry, Senate seats are gerrymandered.

    Can’t make this stuff up. It would be really funny if it weren’t that people think they are learning something from these idiots.

Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas used the occasion to call for a stronger political union between the European nation states.

I’m sure everybody in Europe is totally enchanted whenever a German pushes this fantasy.

“On this side of the Atlantic, we need to find a response to the “America First” slogan.” Maas said

Mind your own business.

Maybe start by standing up to the roving bands 9f Muslim refugees gang rapping your mothers, sisters and daughters.

Challenge America? You guys shouldn’t even be allowed to call yourselves men.

Trump as Thanos 🙂

(Trigger warning for Rags)

The Friendly Grizzly | November 8, 2018 at 3:51 pm

I heard that Mzz Olasio-Cortez is to eager to get to Washington, she has already booked her airline tickets. To Seattle.

    Her first Congressional inquiry will be to figure out why her fiends told her that she could get from New York to Washington on the train in two hours, but it took her five hours on a plane.

Ms Occasional-Cortex is an Economics major who doesn’t understand how our economy works, but wants to change it anyway. How do people like this get elected? Was it based on her (somewhat) good looks? Or did she just run unopposed?

Or are the voters in her district just really, really stupid?

It seems like he’s Wish-Casting. The democrats in the House are going to spend the next two years investigating Trump. They’re not going to be negotiating for ‘big business’ in the EU.

They’ve also got to get Trump to sign the EU’s wish list. Good luck with that.