Imagine being so bitterly partisan that it drives major life choices in this way.

This is from the editors of the Chicago Maroon:

Liberals, Don’t Intern in the Trump Administration

Even this early in the school year, many UChicago students are already applying for summer internships. Specifically, for those interested in public service careers, positions in the federal government can seem especially tempting. On-campus institutions, like the Institute of Politics (IOP) or the Harris School, offer a number of prestigious federal government internships exclusively to UChicago students each year, making things even easier for politically oriented undergrads.

But choosing to intern in the federal government isn’t an easy choice, especially for a student body that holds President Trump in staggeringly low regard. Liberal students repulsed by the Trump administration’s policies face a quandary: They can renege on their values for the sake of a prestigious summer job, or they can stick to their morals but miss out on a resume-building opportunity in the process.

The Maroon Editorial Board hopes to simplify things: We endorse the idea that students should not intern in an administration with which they fundamentally morally disagree. The career benefits one might derive from such an internship are no justification for working in support of policies one finds pernicious.