Will this turn out to be another hoax, like so many others we’ve seen in recent years?

The College Fix reports:

Ready the hoax snoopers: ‘Racialized’ scribblings appear on Harvard dorm whiteboard

Get ready: The Harvard Crimson reports that “deeply disturbing and offensive images” were discovered on a whiteboard in the McKinlock residence hall.

Photos sent to the student paper purport to show racist comments alongside a pair of faces, “one labeled ‘Black’ and the other ‘Other blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, Jews.’” A search of social media does not yet reveal the images.

Also written on the whiteboard were the terms “globalists,” “caravan,” and “Soros,” the last referring to billionaire progressive benefactor George Soros. As the culprits perhaps desired, the Crimson notes that “[i]n the lead up to the midterm elections, far-right politicians and pundits circulated a conspiracy theory that Soros was funding the caravan of immigrants traveling to the United States.”

Crimson contributor Jenna M. Gray told her roommate Malaaz Ghandour to report the graffiti to her tutor and the Leverett House deans, noting she “hadn’t really seen racialized comments before or anything directed at any particular ethnic group” on the board before “so it stood out to [her] in that way.”