When a pair of LGBT resolutions came up at UC Berkley, Isabella Chow, a Christian student senator, abstained from voting based on her faith.

Now some students want Chow to resign.

She was even denounced in an editorial in the school paper, the Daily Californian:

UC Berkeley students cannot accept leaders like ASUC Senator Isabella Chow

Content warning: Anti-LGBTQ+ language

On Wednesday, ASUC Senator Isabella Chow made transphobic and homophobic statements during an ASUC meeting, publicly dismissing the identities of individuals on campus. In doing so, Chow reminded students of a reality that many often disregard — that UC Berkeley continues to be a toxic space for LGBTQ+ communities.

Chow made these comments during a discussion concerning an ASUC resolution to oppose the Trump administration’s proposed Title IX changes and to stand in solidarity with transgender, intersex, nonbinary and gender-nonconforming students. She chose to abstain from voting on the resolution — and then went beyond simply removing herself from the conversation. Chow, a former member of the Student Action party, also chose to voice her personal — and highly problematic — interpretation of Christian scripture, stating that any “lifestyle” outside of male and female and heterosexual identities was not “right or safe.”

This abject dismissal and non-acceptance of gender identities goes far beyond personal opinion. Chow’s language erased and dehumanized individuals who already experience marginalization and violence at a significant rate. She perpetuated the stigma that individuals who identify outside of the gender binary face on a daily basis. Chow must stop framing these remarks as personal opinions or views. These statements are offensive and disturbing invalidations of human beings.

You have to give Isabella credit. It takes bravery for a student to defend their faith in this way on almost any college campus today, let alone Berkeley.

She appeared on the Laura Ingraham show to discuss the situation. The FOX News Insider has details:

Christian Cal-Berkeley Student Senator Told to Resign for Not Backing Pro-LGBTQ Resolutions

A University of California-Berkeley student senator is facing calls for her to resign after she decided to abstain from a vote on two pro-LGBTQ resolutions because of her Christian faith…

On “The Ingraham Angle” Wednesday, Chow said she did not agree with the resolution containing clauses that promote the LGBTQ identity and lifestyle.

“I said because of my Christian views and because I represent the Christian community on campus, I cannot fully support this bill,” Chow said.

She explained that there is a fine line between “protecting” individuals from discrimination and “promoting” their beliefs, and she believes the Advocacy Agenda and Title IX resolutions crossed that line, so she abstained from voting.

“I don’t see a conflict between being able to accept, love and validate you as an individual, and yet not fully agreeing with how you choose to identify yourself sexually and how you choose to promote your sexual lifestyle,” Chow said.

She said while she’s been accused of being “transphobic and homophobic,” and she’s been called vulgar names on campus and on the student senate floor, she has also gotten support from some conservative and Christian students.

Watch the segment below:

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