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Christian Student Senator at UC Berkeley Harassed for Abstaining From LGBT Vote

Christian Student Senator at UC Berkeley Harassed for Abstaining From LGBT Vote

“because of my Christian views and because I represent the Christian community on campus, I cannot fully support this bill”

When a pair of LGBT resolutions came up at UC Berkley, Isabella Chow, a Christian student senator, abstained from voting based on her faith.

Now some students want Chow to resign.

She was even denounced in an editorial in the school paper, the Daily Californian:

UC Berkeley students cannot accept leaders like ASUC Senator Isabella Chow

Content warning: Anti-LGBTQ+ language

On Wednesday, ASUC Senator Isabella Chow made transphobic and homophobic statements during an ASUC meeting, publicly dismissing the identities of individuals on campus. In doing so, Chow reminded students of a reality that many often disregard — that UC Berkeley continues to be a toxic space for LGBTQ+ communities.

Chow made these comments during a discussion concerning an ASUC resolution to oppose the Trump administration’s proposed Title IX changes and to stand in solidarity with transgender, intersex, nonbinary and gender-nonconforming students. She chose to abstain from voting on the resolution — and then went beyond simply removing herself from the conversation. Chow, a former member of the Student Action party, also chose to voice her personal — and highly problematic — interpretation of Christian scripture, stating that any “lifestyle” outside of male and female and heterosexual identities was not “right or safe.”

This abject dismissal and non-acceptance of gender identities goes far beyond personal opinion. Chow’s language erased and dehumanized individuals who already experience marginalization and violence at a significant rate. She perpetuated the stigma that individuals who identify outside of the gender binary face on a daily basis. Chow must stop framing these remarks as personal opinions or views. These statements are offensive and disturbing invalidations of human beings.

You have to give Isabella credit. It takes bravery for a student to defend their faith in this way on almost any college campus today, let alone Berkeley.

She appeared on the Laura Ingraham show to discuss the situation. The FOX News Insider has details:

Christian Cal-Berkeley Student Senator Told to Resign for Not Backing Pro-LGBTQ Resolutions

A University of California-Berkeley student senator is facing calls for her to resign after she decided to abstain from a vote on two pro-LGBTQ resolutions because of her Christian faith…

On “The Ingraham Angle” Wednesday, Chow said she did not agree with the resolution containing clauses that promote the LGBTQ identity and lifestyle.

“I said because of my Christian views and because I represent the Christian community on campus, I cannot fully support this bill,” Chow said.

She explained that there is a fine line between “protecting” individuals from discrimination and “promoting” their beliefs, and she believes the Advocacy Agenda and Title IX resolutions crossed that line, so she abstained from voting.

“I don’t see a conflict between being able to accept, love and validate you as an individual, and yet not fully agreeing with how you choose to identify yourself sexually and how you choose to promote your sexual lifestyle,” Chow said.

She said while she’s been accused of being “transphobic and homophobic,” and she’s been called vulgar names on campus and on the student senate floor, she has also gotten support from some conservative and Christian students.

Watch the segment below:

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Happy Thanksgiving!

She must be banished for not agreeing with liberals … I mean, for being intolerant.

the tolerant left is so tolerant, yea right, wonder how the tolerant left would react if they were treated the way they treat others

    pfg in reply to ronk. | November 22, 2018 at 12:28 pm

    Given opportunity after opportunity to demonstrate tolerance and acceptance of another’s point of view, though disagreeing, the left never misses the opportunity to belittle.

Translation: You must respect our views, but we don’t have to respect yours.

The Church of the Burning Earth has ways of dealing with Heretics. So does the Glorious Congregation of the Diverse and Nonjudgmental, the Free Association of Anti-Fascist Fascists, et al…

Rather than vote against the resolution, she decided to follow the advice in the old Beatles song, ‘Let It Be’, and found that’s no longer good enough.

Very revealing of the mindset of Chow’s opponents that this same Daily Californian that saw fit to issue this scathing condemnation of an individual on its editorial page also has refused to allow Chow to publish her defense of her actions and motivations. This is the totalitarian mindset in action.

First – Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope you all enjoy your day with family, friends, or perhaps just some downtime….. 🙂

Now, to the point:

“She explained that there is a fine line between “protecting” individuals from discrimination and “promoting” their beliefs, and she believes the Advocacy Agenda and Title IX resolutions crossed that line, so she abstained from voting.”

The word “advocate” means to promote – so she is 100% correct! It is not a vote to protect, but to promote. She is one smart cookie. Sadly, unless she is very strong in her beliefs, Berkley will drum that sense out of her, by any means necessary…….

2 thoughts.
first, she has conviction of beliefs and that is commended.
second, and this is issue I have raised many times, why the hell does any school have a student government?
get rid of all that crap.
pay your tuition, choose your classes, take your courses.
end of story.

She is as guilty as sin of “wrong think”. In Berkeley that’s a capital crime. Off with her head! (And she’s lucky that didn’t happen.)

The incredibly disingenuous, stifling, intolerant, oppressive, fascist, and perpetually seething with hate Left.

The Devìl himself wouldn’t have it any other way.

God Bless and Protect American Christians and all Christians around the world.

The left is at war. They know exactly what they are doing. The ends justify the means. Do not look at this in isolation of other events. Do you see any patterns?

Why would a Christian submit herself to Berkeley, bless her soul?

The Transgender Spectrum (“LGBTQ+”) is full of labels that are fashionably antsy. That said, rather than go full Pro-Choice, selective, opportunistic, and politically congruent (PC), civil unions for all consenting adults.

No one talks much about George Orwell’s book 1984, anymore. But, apparently the only thing that Orwell got wrong was WHEN totalitarianism would dominate in the US. It wouuld have been more accurate to title it 2018.

Today we find almost everything that Orwell imagined, except instead of giant television screens spouting supporting propaganda, we have the small screens of iPads and smart phones

For those who have not read it, SparksNotes [ ] hits the high points. Scary stuff folks. Fortunately, we are not quite there yet. But, if we continue down the path of the last 25 years, 1984 will history, not fiction.

    Arminius in reply to Mac45. | November 22, 2018 at 5:53 pm

    Actually people started talking about Orwell’s 1984 a lot after Trump was elected. All the wrong people. The sort of people who have arrogated to themselves the right to Occupy Wall Street, the port of Oakland, justifying their Nazi street thuggery by calling other people the fascists, to block roads and order you around instead of letting you go where you need or want to go. Have you seen the videos from Portland when antifa and #BlackLivesMatter siezed control of the streets? Then they attacked an elderly man when he wouldn’t obey their demands?

    The police were there and did nothing. The mayor of Portland is a leftist. Apparently he told the cops to let the rioters do what they want. Give them “space to destroy” as the mayor of Baltimore put it.

    This isn’t the only video; it’s infuriating. “Portland Antifa Violence Against Senior Citizens”

    I have a question for police officers in Portland. Is the only job you can find is being the mayor’s b****? Because that’s what you looked like. I don’t care what orders I’m given. I’m going to do the right thing, which in this case meant enforcing the law. If I were a police officer and got fired for arresting a bunch of thugs who are threatening citizens (you know, the ones who pay my salary as opposed to the members of the street mob who clearly are if anything a drain on society) with an @$$ kicking if they don’t do as their self-appointed Nazi overlords tell them to do, so be it. I can guarantee you that if the leftist mayor and police chief in Portland fire me because I didn’t obey orders to give in to the mob that’s about as good a job recommendation I can get for just about any police force in Texas.

    Well, not Dallas, Austin, or Houston. But just about all the rest.

    These people are so lacking in self-awareness that they don’t understand Orwell wrote his novels about them. They’re the guards gleefully staffing the concentration camps. They’re just getting slightly ahead of themselves as they haven’t created the concentration camps yet. But they’re acting like it. And they so want to create concentration camps.

    I don’t believe I’m contravening Godwin’s law as my analogy is right on point. Show me on the doll where Trump, er, the Jews, hurt you, Germany. Err, American leftists, I mean. I haven’t been able to pin down what rights, exactly, Trump has deprived them of. I haven’t been able to get a straight answer. Besides, they’re too busy trying to overturn election results while chanting “This is what democracy looks like” to even think they should have to answer the question.

    Totalitarians always justify their totalitarianism by convincing themselves they’re the real victims. So while I compare the street mob to Hitler’s Third Reich, the analogy could also apply to the commies or any other wanna be dictators you might think of. There are various iterations of the saying, but basically the self-appointed oppressed have no obligation to obey the rules of the game. Which they’ve convinced themselves have been imposed on them by their oppressors, who only exist in their imagination. But no matter, if they can convince themselves they’ve been oppressed then it actually becomes a moral imperative to do all sorts of foul deeds to the group they identify as their oppressors. Hitler, for instance, was convinced that the Jews had stabbed Germany in the back and caused them to lose WWI. When he set out to rid Germany of them, and later decided that he needed to exterminate them entirely, he didn’t think he was doing anything wrong. He had his henchmen were convinced they were entirely in the right. So did the bolsheviks who killed the kulaks, wreckers, and other lackey capitalist running dogs who were always undoing their five year plans. Because as Alexandria Occasional-Cortex and Bernie “Lake House In Addition The Two Other Houses He Owns” Sanders keep telling us, real socialism is the greatest economic and governmental system ever conjured up. But real socialism has never been tried. People like me keep ruining it.

    Have any of you had much contact with dissident North Koreans? It’s sometimes hard to believe, but they actually believe the Kim regime’s propaganda. I know South Koreans who have actually received food parcels from family in the North they’ve ever met because the NORK government tells them that the people in the south are starving to death, that everywhere else is a h3ll hole, and that North Korea is a paradise on earth and they need to be grateful to the Kim dynasty every day. The entire country is a prison, but their gulags are a different level of h3ll. And one reason why is because the guards enjoy being brutal to the inmates because they are not grateful to the Kim family. And no doubt they’re in league with the Americans. So they deserve to be killed, instead of getting NORK gub’mint generosity in the form of watery soup with a few grains of rice. So anything the guards can do to them is better than what they deserve, which is of course death.

    We’re looking at the same thing forming in this country. If antifa calls you a fascist or #BlackLivesMatter designates you a white supremacist you have no rights that they feel bound to observe. As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote in Gulag Archipelago any nutcase can kill a dozen or so people. But to kill millions takes an ideology. I recognize that ideology in the leftist mob.

    After Solzhenitsyn was released from the Gulag he published one novel, One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich. It was shocking at the time as it was about a man sentenced to ten years in a slave labor camp in Siberia. Nikita Krushchev defended the publication of the story by declaring to the presidium of the Politburo “There is a Stalinist in each of you; there’s even a Stalinist in me. We must root out this evil.” Just like the leftists read 1984 and Animal Farm as instruction manuals they don’t want to root out the evil. They want to revel in it.

    In a way the leftists are more correct than they know when riot while chanting “This is what looks like.” Mob violence IS exactly what democracy looks like. Which is why the founders created this nation as a republic. And it’s up to us to keep it as Benjamin Franklin so presciently forewarned us.

    We are in a religious war with people who have no religion other than to believe they’re god and their own priesthood all rolled up into one smug, self-righteous package. They are incapable of seeing someone like Isabella Chow as someone who dissents or simply disagrees. It’s amusing in a way. Atheists* mock religious people as superstitious morons who reject reason. Actually this attack on Ms. Chow demonstrates demonstrates just how backward they are. It’s unreasoned superstition that there is something called transgenderism. Reason dictates that isn’t possible. The facts are that if you’re born a man or born a woman you can’t change that fact. It’s actually a religious faith that it’s possible, and essentially they hold to it because they believe themselves to be gods. So Chow is not simply someone they disagree with. She’s a heretic who doesn’t believe that they’re gods who can change sexes (and, coming soon, species as well) whenever they snap their fingers. And religious zealots like them enjoy nothing more than burning heretics at the stake.

    There’s not talking to such people. Unfortunately I’m convinced that their democracy is going to have to end at the muzzle of my ten gauge. It’s not how I want it, but I’m increasingly convinced that’s how it’s going to end up.

    *Believing that there is no god is as much of a religious conviction as there is. The difference is that if you believe there is a God who will judge you then you have a reason to restrain your totalitarian urges. When Krushchev talked about rooting out the evil of the Stalinist in all of us, only religion can do that. And it has to be the right religion as it must embody Judeo-Christian values. Islam does not embody those principles. I am not aware of any text that purports to be scripture that designates certain people to be enemies of a god and commands its adherents that they must hate their god’s enemies as he hates them. Shinto won’t work either. Shinto is a very interesting religion as it doesn’t actually prescribe a moral code. So while it doesn’t command its adherents to hate people who don’t follow Shinto, it allows for it. The fact that the Japanese gave us the Kamikaze while Muslims have given us the suicide bomber is too striking a similarity to be ignored.
    Atheists insist their must be no God. That superstition has real world consequences which belief in God does not inflict on people. Monsignor Georges LeMaitre was, obviously, a Cahtolic priest. He was also a mathematicion, physicist, and astronomer. He actually published, years before Hubble, that the universe was expanding. Another good physicist and astronomer. Sir Frederick Hoyle rejected the theory until the day he died for no other reason than he was an atheist. If the universe was expanding that meant if you worked backward then the universe had a point of origin. A moment of creation, which implies a creator. And therefore since it was crucial to his atheism to deny the possibility of a creator he rejected LeMaitre’s theory. He actually coined the phrase “Big Bang” because he meant it to be derogatory and regarded the very idea of a point of origin of the universe as religious nonsense.

    Hoyle was an odd bird. He was a committed atheist but every once in a while he’d say things that no atheist should ever say. For instance, he’d say things like someone had to have been monkeying with the laws of physics, that there clearly was an intelligence behind the formation of the universe, and that the odds of everything being just right for life to exist on earth just by chance would be like theo odds of a tornado blowing through a junkyard and leaving a fully assembled Boeing 747 in its wake. But he just couldn’t admit the universe had a beginning. LeMaitre didn’t have that problem because his religion and science didn’t conflict. As far as he was concerned they were simply two perfectly compatible ways to understand the world. I’ve heard other atheist scientists admit that there were certainly some lines of inquiry that they couldn’t follow as that also might lead to evidence of a creator. And there was no way they were going to provide “ammo” to people like LeMaitre and now Isabella Chow.

The left is so diverse and tolerant they’ll kick a girl out of gym if she doesn’t want to shower with a man.

I loved Planet Fitness’s Orwellian explanation for this.

“In an email to The Christian Post on Wednesday, Planet Fitness responded to Liberty Counsel’s letter, saying: ‘Planet Fitness is committed to creating a non-intimidating, welcoming environment for all of our members and their safety and privacy is our top priority. Under our gender identity non-discrimination policy, members and guests may use all gym facilities based on their sincere self-reported gender identity. Furthermore, all of our locker rooms include private changing areas for those that seek additional privacy. As this is pending litigation we are unable to comment further.'”

Planet Fitness is so committed to creating a non-intimidating environment for everyone that they kick women out when they complain the environment Planet Fitness is creating is intimidating.

They value their members’ safety and privacy so highly that you will be punished if you ask for them.

Nothing says “inclusive” as having your gym membership revoked.

What’s the Catholic church doing wrong that the left isn’t doing wrong?

This is sort of a trivia kind of factoid. Sometimes “LGBTQFU” advocates claim that Iran is more tolerant than the US because they are big on transgenderism. But they’re actually not big on transgenderism as they are downright harshmental on homosexuality.

See “gays hanging from cranes” if you’re not clear on the subject.

Using cosmetic surgery to turn men into women and women into men is how they solve that problem. “Oh, you are a male who likes men? Well, you have a choice. Either hang from this crane by your neck until dead, or we carve you up into a woman. Which option do you want?”

I hope she stands her ground and makes the intolerant ones hold a recall vote or impeach her. You know – actually demonstrate their tolerance and inclusion. /s

You know – I still laugh to myself as often as I remember the celebration following Obama’s nomination when they played “Love Train” … talk about unawares.

Just throw their own language back at them and call them Christophobic. Accuse them of “abject dismissal and non-acceptance” of Christianity and “erasing and dehumanizing individuals” who are the most marginalized minority on campus, and demand an “Advocacy Agenda”.

    Arminius in reply to Milhouse. | November 22, 2018 at 2:09 pm

    They say she’s “dehumanizing” people for not adopting the left’s agenda to the letter.

    But in fact, they are the ones doing what they accuse her of. I’ve always said that if the left had an official sport it would be projection.

    The commies are unpersoning her. It’s what commies do.

    txvet2 in reply to Milhouse. | November 22, 2018 at 2:43 pm

    Problem is, they won’t see “Christophobic” as a negative. They’ll think you’re complimenting them.

Isabella Trump.

You go, girl!

A pearl of a woman, as opposed to the buffoonish Alexandra Cortez and the gluttonous and useless moooochelle obama.

The problem of course is that our politicians can’t defend freedom of speech. It’s a foreign concept to them even though it is a vital pillar of western civilization. Of course they can’t defend western civilization, period, and in fact don’t believe it should be defended. One might think the meda would pick up the slack but they also don’t think certain people should be allowed to voice certain opinions.

They also don’t believe in truth. I’m not just talking about American pols. We can see what road we’re going down by looking to Europe. And the Europeans can see their own future by looking to the Islamic world.

This blogger is one brave woman. I gather Shammi Haque is a Muslim herself. But she blogs among other things that interest her about Islam, and she’s critical of it. Muslims have killed six other bloggers in Bangladesh and she had to leavve the country because it was getting too dangerous for her to speak her mind. She actually wants to return to her country but she doesn’t know when or if ever it will be safe for her to return.

Europe has long had hate speech laws. Or, as they’re usually worded, laws against incitement to religious or racial violence or incitement to prejudicial action against individuals because of their membership in an identifiable protected group. It was Germany that got the ball rolling following WWII because they wanted to outlaw the kind of anti-Semitic garbage that the Nazis used to spout The standard is so nebulous that it’s impossible to even say there is a standard. One thing you need to know about European hate speech laws is that the truth is no defense. All that matters is if an individual in a protected group takes offense. Or someone takes offense on their behalf.

The story she is blogging about is a recent ruling by the European Court of Human Rights against an Austrian woman named Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff. She’s been battling her conviction for hate speech by an Austrian court for years, and now she’s out of options as the ECHR has ruled that the Austrian courts were correct when they convicted her of hate speech as they balanced the defendant’s “right to freedom of expression with the right of others to have their religious feelings protected, and served the legitimate aim of preserving religious peace in Austria.”

Her crime? She grew up in the Islamic world as her dad was an Austrian diplomat and she gives private luctures on the basic facts about Islam to interested parties who she carefully vets. They have to be kept private as you will get in a lot of trouble talking honestly about Islam in Europe these days. As this case proves. Somehow a lefty reporter for a hard left rag got into one of her lectures and wrote about. In one of her lectures she called Muhammad a pedophile because he liked to “do it” with children.

Bizarrely, the courts all agreed that not only was she offending Muslims but she was wrong. It’s bizarre because all the Muslim sources confirmed that his favorite wife Aisha was six when her father agreed to the marriage contract and that she was nine when Muhammad consummated the marriage with her. Those are the basic facts, and it’s important to understand this marriage if you’re going to have any sort of understanding of the current Islamic world. The Quran stresses that Muhammad is the model of conduct to follow if you want to have any hope of getting into heaven (Qur’an 33:21). It’s why the Ayatollah Khomeine as one of his first acts after overthrowing the Shah was to lower the age of marriage from 18 to nine. Because that was the example that Muhammad set for Muslims. He wrote in one of his books that a father should not allow his duaghter to “see her first blood under his roof.” In other words he should make sure to marry her off before she starts puberty. It’s also true that the age of marriage in Iran is only applicable to vaginal sex. Neither the Sunni or Shia outlaw marriage at any day. It’s possible to marry a girl at any age; you can marry a girl the day she’s born. And a man can use even an infant for sexual pleasure. But in Sunni Islam a father has to agree that his daughter is capable of having vaginal sex and even if she’s four or five the husband can consummate the marriage. If the ‘groom” and the “father” don’t come to that agreement the prospective husband has to wait until she turns nine years old per the Islamic lunar calendar. The Shia have a hard and fast rule; no vaginal intercourse before the girl turns nine but in both sects anything else goes at any age.

Some politicians in some Muslim majority countries have tried to raise the age for marriage to something approaching a more civilized age and they can’t because the clerics raise a stink about raising the age for marriage from nine is insulting their prophet and Islam. Because Allah laid down the law about waiting periods for men to divorce their wives depending on if she’s pregnant or might be pregnant. The waiting period for girls who haven’t had their first period yet is three months. So not only can a Muslim man marry a prepubescent child, he can also divorce her.

So on the one hand in many Majority countries majority countries it’s blasphemous to want to raise the age for marriage over the age of nine. And in Europe it’s essentially blasphemy now to talk about it.

Another thing as that you can’t do is quote the Quran. You can’t even quote an Imam who is quoting from the Quran as he spews forth a hate filled Friday sermon about such thoroughly Islamic topics as Jews being descended from apes and pigs. Basically Islam is just one big glob of incitement to racial and religious hatred and incitement to prejudicial treatment against women and anyone who isn’t a Muslim. But that’s OK as the pols throughout the western world can not bring themselves to admit it.

Which is wy the German government tried to quash any reporting of Muslim men going on a mass spree of sexual assault and rape on New Year eve/day on 2015/2016 in cities throughout the country. Their official line was that it was just the usual quiet holiday and nothing unusual happened. They were forced to take that story back and admit the truth as angry Germans who were victimized or just witnessed the crime spree started sharing their cell phone videos of what actually happened. And police not only had to admit that something unusual did happen but it was literally unprecedented and that were overwhelmed by the violence.

Germany isn’t as far gone as Sweden. The Swedish police do collect statistics on criminals broken down by type of crime, ethnicity /national origin of the criminal, etc. They share that information with select government officials and reporters. But it is illegal for anyone who has access to that information to make it public. A Swedish member of their parliament was convicted of hate speech for posting crime statistics to his facebook page. He tried to defend himself by pointing out that everything he posted was true. The court would not allow him to make that offense. A Swedish police officer with 47 years on the job and nearing retirement and was entirely fed up with having to lie to people about the actual state of crime in Sweden went on a rant about what his typical week consisted of. Here’s part of what he posted after first observing that the information he was going to post was “prohibitedd for us to peddle as state employees:”

“Here we go; this is what I’ve handled from Monday-Friday this week: rape, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, rape-assault and rape, extortion, blackmail, assault, violence against police, threats to police, drug crime, drugs, crime, felony, attempted murder, rape again, extortion again and ill-treatment. Suspected perpetrators; Ali Mohammed, Mahmod, Mohammed, Mohammed Ali, again, again, again. Christopher… what, is it true? Yes, a Swedish name snuck in on the edges of a drug crime. Mohammed, Mahmod Ali, again and again. Countries representing all the crimes this week: Iraq, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Somalia, Syria again, Somalia, unknown, unknown country, Sweden. Half of the suspects, we can’t be sure because they don’t have any valid papers. Which in itself usually means that they’re lying about their nationality and identity.”

Naturally the local special prosecutor investigated him on suspicion of hate speech. This happened last year and I don’t know if they prosecuted him for hate speech but Sweden is apparently full of busybodies, some of whom reported him to his city’s police officials and I believe they fired him.

Many of those Swedish busybodies have nothing better to than monitor facebook and other social media for “hate speech.” Some senior citizens have been fined or jailed for simply complaining about the violent crime they experienced or witnessed with their own two eyes. For instance, one 65 year old woman was arrested and successfully prosecuted for making a YouTube video about how she was assaulted by “refugee children,” as a result of the assault she was injured and developed a number of health problems, and the police did absolutely nothing about it. But they sure did successfully prosecute her for being upset about it.

I’m surprised that the Swedish government hasn’t cracked down on rape victims for having the gall to actually report their rapes to the police and describe the perpetrators.

No society can survive as a society when people are prohibited from simply saying what they think. Because a society that can not tolerate a dissenting opinion, decreeing that it is beyond the pale of allowable discussion, is doomed. You can’t fix problems you can’t discuss. Europeans that are being muzzled by their own governments, and now the ECHR has validated their governments’ laws that stifle them, will simply get fed up and take matters inot their own hands. European governments will discover far too late just how important the right to free speech is and how fiercely it must be defended.

    Kepha H in reply to Arminius. | November 24, 2018 at 10:35 am

    Indeed. It seems that the “progressives” are doing nothing less than leading the Western world to cultural and societal suicide.

“Chow must stop framing these remarks as personal opinions or views. These statements are offensive and disturbing invalidations of human beings.”

There. Are. Four. Lights.

We will deny reality as a courtesy to your delusions.

Because we know what will follow.