How can Tom Perez complain? Isn’t this the sort of activism Democrats encourage in young people?

The College Fix reports:

Brown U. students crash discussion, demand Democrats refuse cash from fossil fuel companies

Protesters at Brown University crashed a discussion involving Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez and former GOP National Committee Chair Michael Steele to demand the former urge party leaders to “reject campaign donations from the fossil fuel industry and champion policies to combat climate change.”

The number of activists peaked at around seventy.

According to The Brown Daily Herald, this summer Perez championed a resolution calling for campaigns to refuse donations from the fossil fuel industry, but then soon backtracked saying his original idea was “an attack on the working people in these industries.”

Protest organizer Lauren Maunus said “Enough is enough […] no more fossil fuel money. You can’t be a champion for climate change and still be taking money from this industry any longer.”

Banners at the event read “Fossil Fuel Free DNC,” “DNC: Stand with People, Not Corporations,” and “Green Jobs For All” while demonstrators chanted the highly original “Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Fossil fuels have got to go!”


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