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Branco Cartoon – Preventative Medicine

Branco Cartoon – Preventative Medicine

They never learn

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Perfect! Thank you!

Smokey looks a bit pissed.

I visited Yellowstone a few years ago. The damage from wildfires that occurred years earlier has still not been addressed – nor have the conditions that exacerbated them in the first place. Leaving things in their “natural state” is all well and good, but that means that they’re also leaving in place nature’s means of cleaning up the forests – fire.

    CaptScientist in reply to txvet2. | November 27, 2018 at 10:43 am

    I ask a Ranger as to why they didn’t clean up the debris from fires, Natural State, was the answer….I told him where I’m from we call that kindling…..Will try again this year to ride “Going to the Sun” road, last 2 years it has been fires that essentially closed the park

Forest fires kill insects and replenish the land.

What has a leftist ever done for anybody?

he should have added “AND MUD SLIDES” GOVERNOR MOON BEAM and his environmental wackos buddies are going to get what they deserve.