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Ben Shapiro Protesters at Ohio State Chant ‘John McCain’s Dead’

Ben Shapiro Protesters at Ohio State Chant ‘John McCain’s Dead’

“protesting for the sake of protesting”

Ben Shapiro spoke at Ohio State this week and was protested, as usual. But the students were talking about John McCain for some strange reason. As a protest chant, this doesn’t even make sense. It’s like the left is just protesting for the sake of protesting.

Watch below. They begin by chanting ‘Reagan’s dead.’ Classy, aren’t they?


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I am…..speechless!

If there was any reason to think they are clueless, this was it. McCain was the hero of the liberal not long ago.

So protesting and obstruction is their only aim.

Apparently employment isn’t.

Well there are a couple of things with which I can agree with these clowns. It is factually true that both President Reagan and John McCain are deceased. However I wouldn’t agree with the obvious intent of their true statements.

buckeyeminuteman | November 15, 2018 at 11:20 am

John McCain was the graduation speaker in 2006. I remember him coming over to the ROTC building and giving the commissioning oath to the new lieutenants and ensigns as well. These kids today are just plain dumb.

Don’t know why they’re crapping on McCain, he’s the reason those morons still have their beloved Obamacare.

And Ben, if you have to go to tOSU again, just toss those slobbering, protesting imbeciles some mayonnaise sandwiches and Kool-Aid; that’ll calm them right down.

As for Ohio State students, they were a dumb lot even when I taught there some fifty years ago. I can only imagine them now as a slobbering mass of inert protoplasm. But even they are not totally wrong, The country would be far better off if McCain had died before voting to prevent killing Obama care. That treason–and I use the term advisedly–nullifies all his
previous merits.

Try what some US reporters got the Iranian mobs to chant in 1979, when they were demonstrating for the benefit of foreign cameramen: When they were asking for suggestions, the reporters volunteered, “Down with the IRS!” I think that the Iranian mob took up the cry . . .

This is the result of a leftist-dominated education system. These kids aren’t all born socialist and stupid, they’re being trained this way by leftist instructors and curricula, overseen by leftist administrators, politicians, etc.

If this situation is allowed to continue, it will destroy the country. The supposedly educated class in this country are not being educated, but indoctrinated in socialist dogma. They’re being told how brilliant they are, and that they are the most educated people ever, but they don’t really know anything, and what they think they know is wrong.

    artichoke in reply to Bisley. | November 17, 2018 at 10:36 am

    Now they “must” win and destroy the market economy, otherwise they’re just roadkill and their intellectual betters will simply squash them flat, without malice but without a great deal of concern either.

I think it’s about time for some of these left-wing scumbags to have the shit kicked out of them.