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ARIZONA: Latest Counts Have Sinema Up by 22,185 Votes Over McSally

ARIZONA: Latest Counts Have Sinema Up by 22,185 Votes Over McSally

Not looking good for McSally.

Arizona has yet to declare a winner in the Sante race and is still counting ballots. The latest count has Democrat Rep Sinema up by 22,000 votes over Republican Rep. McSally. Thursday, Sinema held a 2,000 vote lead.

Not looking good for McSally whose team insists she’ll make up the difference.

More as we have it.


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regulus arcturus | November 9, 2018 at 7:51 pm

I used sharpies on all of my previous ballots 2010 – now, and have never heard of this before.

I am actively working on a lawsuit against Fuentes for his gross incompetence.

    It pays to follow the instructions. I wish you the best of luck in future ballots.

    I give Fontes credit for moving forward with a new improved system. I also give Fontes fault for his failure in the past primary. I have no desire to return to the days of Helen Purcell. If the status quo was good enough I would agree with you but Purcell was a stale administrator. Purcell had problems with the 2016 PPE.

    Time to move on (forgive the pun).

See Florida….a theft in the making

because sharpie-like, ink-bleeding utensils used & kicked out of counting machines

They’re so sure they’ll get away with it they’re not even bothering to think up plausible excuses.

    Really? Fontes is already guilty because people use the wrong tool to mark a ballot? Let’s allow Fontes a shred of credit for being intent and apparently sincere. I’ll throw demerits his way as soon as he earns them, should he earn them

It’s bullsh*t, and someone needs to go to jail.

    Anchovy in reply to JPL17. | November 10, 2018 at 1:44 pm

    While someone might go to jail, it will be for a short time and, I am sure, someone will make it up to them. In the mean time Sinema will go to Washington for at least 6 years.

    No downside here.

I find it strange that so many voters apparently split their ticket between Ducey and a far left candidate like Sinema. It really makes no sense – do these people even pay attention???

Considering that the ‘pens’ that we put in the polling places themselves are ‘sharpie-like, ink-bleeding utensils’ I find this thoroughly disgusting. The ballots are printed on near cardstock, a sharpie will NOT bleed through.

This is mathematically impossible. The first 99% of votes are evenly split, but the last 1% are 90/10 democrat?!?

    theduchessofkitty in reply to PaddyORyan. | November 9, 2018 at 11:13 pm

    Of course that’s mathematically impossible.

    That alone should raise a million red flags. I wonder if the Ballot Fairy visited the Dems on Wednesday night…

The results straight from the AZ SOS can be found at:

How many of those were among the 50k “found” votes?

It’s beyond time for these Democrats to die in tragic accidents.

it’s almost as if there was a pattern to this sort of thing in close races all over the country on the same day…

but why would anyone engage in such behavior?

it’s a mystery…

Its inpossible the people of AZ voted for this leftist freak.


Rot in hell, sessions.

Great-this commie puke and Romney, both in the Senate.

Bucky Barkingham | November 10, 2018 at 7:15 am

Arizona, the state that elected both McCain and Flake.

Since we lost the house does anyone know where our riots and such stuff are scheduled cause isn’t that what you do when you lose an election and don’t accept the results of election… What city can we schedule to burn and loot

P.S. oh I ain’t wearing any stupid hats … I draw the line right there

They gave us McCain, they gave us Flake and now their giving us BS.

What is bizarre is, there are currently 46,569 MORE Votes for the Senate Race than the Governors Race. Kind of suspicious , don’t ya’ think?

Why isn’t there more screaming?
McSally really needs to fly in at least as many lawyers as are heading to Florida. There’s no reasonable explanation for the magic ballots, and it might be time to put on the gloves and fight, fight, fight!

Sinema: “I love the smell of vote fraud in the morning”.

    There may be some people that engage in election fraud but from my vantage point here in Phoenix, Arizona Sinema has simply put in the effort to snag an election that boring Martha McBoring failed to earn.

    I don’t know how many three vehicle caravan Sinema paid for but the car with a TV on the roof, followed by a tractor trailer TV, followed by another car with a TV on the roof probably convinced some LIV her way.

As a general rule, absentee [mail-in] ballots only vary a few percentage points from the split on voting day, unless some extreme incident occurs, such as the death of a candidate or an indictment. However, in the Senate race in Arizona and both affected races in Florida, we are seeing an uncharacteristically high percentage of votes for the Democrat, which was not seen in the poll voting. This immediately raises a red flag. It is possible that a huge single party demographic MIGHT choose to vote by one method while the other demographic MIGHT choose another method. But, generally, the demographics pretty much mirror each other in their choice of voting method. So, the breakdown of votes in the absentee ballots, should closely mirror that of the poll voting. This apparently NOT the case in Arizona.

Add to that the decision by Maricopa county to accept and count ballots which showed a significant discrepancy between the signature on the ballot envelope and the signature on file with the elections office. voting by mail-in ballot is the least secure method of voting. In the first place, the person filling out the ballot is unknown. The only means of verifying that the registered voter had ANYTHING to do with the ballot, is the signature on the ballot envelope. If this can not be confirmed, absolutely, than that ballot should not be counted.

A common method of vote fraud is to have absentee ballots sent to nursing homes, ACLFs, convalescent facilities and hospitals or collected from the elections office for delivery to an unspecified voter to be returned filled out. In many of these cases, large numbers of absentee ballots are hand delivered by a third party. There have been a few cases where the handwriting of the signatures of dozens or hundreds of envelopes where identical. And, in several jurisdictions these ballots were accepted anyway. To make things worse, in an effort to keep the votes of the voter a secret, there is no way identify which ballot belonged to which voter and deduct that ballot’s votes. Once the ballots go through the machine, there is no way to change them.

Got this Maricopa County results snapshot map from the local GOP sight. Sinema is showing strength is typically Republican areas like Mesa and Scottsdale. Why? My guess is that it’s the CA and upper midwestern female transplant vote who want to appear progressive. I have some insight here, I was married to one.

    The simplest answer is that Kyrsten Sinema has done a solid job of triangulating toward the center. She has jettisoned every last bit of progressivism that she once advocated for. She is practically the mirror image of Martha McSally on the Dem side. Both Sinema and McSally are party establishment blobs. Neither has any out of the norm positions for their party.

    In my book there ain’t a dime’s worth of difference between them. Either one of them is likely to end up as version two of John McCain, hated by most voters but loved by they, them, those that advocate for socialized war and bankers lunches on the weekends at the country club.

I can’t imagine anything easier in today’s political climate, than running as a Dumb-o-crat radical Leftist — you can smugly insult, denigrate and mock the very state and constituents that you aspire to represent in government, and, at least enough of those constituents are sufficiently gullible to vote for you, regardless, and to thus ensure your election.

Sinema is odious, a vapid twit and self-reverential elitist kook.

I’m seeing some demographic trends that bode very ill for the GOP, in several important states — Texas undeniably becoming more Leftist, with Nevada, Arizona and Florida trending the same way. With North Carolina and Virginia now increasingly Left-leaning states, the national Electoral College map is only getting more inhospitable for Republicans.

The Kyrsten Sinema you are slamming (rightfully or wrongfully) no longer exists which is why she is currently ahead by a small slice of Arizona voters.

I probably will dislike Sinema 20% less than I disliked war monger John McCain (long may he remain dead).

Sinema left her kookiness at the doorway to her election to the state legislature in 2002.

Sinema is a prime example of an establishment Democrat and master triangulator. Come 2022 you may even see her show up at some group meeting place which could, maybe-sorta, approaches being a church.

Well Thane:
I am saddened you think a person has moderated in 2002 when in 2012 she refers to our State as Democracy on Meth. Of course, she was moderate by only saying it in Texas to fund-raise… Not that you care, but others might. From 2011, her majesty speaks.

    As I have commented elsewhere, the Kyrsten Sinema you are critiquing no longer exists. 2011 is seven years ago pal. SEVEN YEARS!

    All these old gotcha quotes aren’t going to motivate the middle slice of voters. Martha McBoring was boring and currently is boring. Other than being a possibly average Republican she has no inspiring positions. If Angela Green hadn’t earned 2% of the vote Sinema would be the declared and accepted winner. To quote President Donald J. Trump, “Sad”.

Democrats told us what they have done. Fools like you believe they would do anything else.