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Activist Women Claim Trump’s Election is Destroying Their Marriages

Activist Women Claim Trump’s Election is Destroying Their Marriages

Angry that their spouses don’t hate Trump with the same zeal, women are walking away from their husbands

Is there anything Trump can’t do?

An article recently published in New York Magazine is truly something else.

A handful of women who found themselves politically activated after Trump’s electoral win now believe they cannot live their newfound activist lives alongside their spouses.

The trend to normalize and legitimatize this kind of attitude and behavior is even more disturbing than the behavior itself.

After attending a “Witnessing Whiteness” class, fifty-something “Kristen” from Missouri couldn’t her unengaged husband who wasn’t interested in picking up a picket sign to join the mob. So, she left him.

I told him I really wanted to work on making the world a better place, and I didn’t feel I could do that within the confines of our marriage.

…I’d found a passion and wanted to spend all of my free time doing it. And that’s exactly what has happened.

It’s kind of sad, that in this horrible time I found myself, but I’m also grateful, both for what I had with Geoffrey and for where it allowed me to end up. Finally, I’m the feminist I should have always been.

And then there’s Sarah, a thirty-something from the Southwest who complains that her husband would be way happier if he would just do what she wants him to do:

It breaks my heart whenever he says he’s lonely. But again, I’m like, You don’t have to be lonely if you want to put up street signs with me.

…Part of it is that he has the perspective that this too shall pass. In my opinion, that comes from the privilege he has as a white male Protestant.

…I’d describe my husband as a feminist, but he doesn’t want to be the only dude in the room. Which bleeds into why I’ve never thought, Maybe I should just stop all this and save my marriage. That would teach our kids something I don’t want to teach them. It almost feels like the 2018 version of the woman who gives up her career to stay home.

“Samantha and John” from NYC are having issues because John doesn’t hate Trump near as much as Samantha:

We’ve been married 25 years, and we’re both lefties, and he thinks Trump is as much of a blight on the world as I do. But throughout the hiring of the Steve Mnuchins of world, the white privileged men, and with every single Cabinet member and Jared Kushner and Ivanka, he had much less rage than I did. Eventually he was like, “We can’t go to bed talking about them and wake up in the morning with you still spewing about them.”

With Brett Kavanaugh, the first thing he said about him, before any of the allegations, was that they were once on a panel at some alumni thing and that he seemed like a nice guy, which of course started a fight. I said, “A nice guy based on what?” Everyone is a nice guy. And then at first, when Dr. Ford came forward, his reaction had an element of “Boys will be boys” and, you know, “It was 30-something years ago.” Even after Debbie Ramirez came forward, he was like, “Do you still think he could change after college?” I was like, “No.” At each stage, he’s had to reassess his feelings. And at each stage we have yet another argument.

Part of what causes fights is that I don’t want to hear his side, and he hates that. Mostly I tell him he needs to think about this more clearly before he talks to me about it, and then I walk away.

Gee. I just can’t imagine why there would be conflict in a marriage where one is telling the other their opinions and thoughts aren’t the right opinions and thoughts.

If their stories are as they tell them, their reasons for parting ways with their spouses are wholly self-involved, myopic, and childish. They might be blaming the aftermath of Trump’s election for their marital disruptions, but I can assure you such attitudes were always present, they just found a convenient excuse on which to pin them.

Politics is not life and life does not revolve around politics, or it should not, anyway. Marriage and resultant families are the cornerstones on which any society stands or crumbles, not the other way around. We used to know this.


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And all this time I thought the lefty-anti-Americans were crabbing about the “patriarchy” coercing their wives into agreeing with MAGA!…oh, well, whatever rings their chimes. If it weren’t for non-sequiturs, fabrications and double standards, the lefties would be silent.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to bear. | November 29, 2018 at 4:10 pm

    Touche Bear!!!!!!!


    Thanks for the barrel full of laughs Kemberlee.

And every single one of these males should be jumping for joy at freedom…………….

Bad news you ignorant bigoted feminazis, if your marriage is on the rocks or ended because you decided to become a crazy feminist then the problems in your marriage are caused by you, not him.

    Game. Set. Match.

    MattMusson in reply to Gremlin1974. | November 29, 2018 at 1:22 pm

    Clinical Psychologists administer the Big 5 Personality Trait test. They find that women score higher in the Train Neuroticsm. (Most men and women overlap. But the end of the Bell curve it is all female)

    I would wager these ‘activists’ scorve very high in Neuroticsm. And, even without Trump they would find something to complain about.

Real life Looney Tunes.

Marriages are made with love. To have a wife spitting this kind of hatred should make any male run, even if they don’t like Trump.

Hateful narcissists who find their only worth in spewing venom against an accused target are warning signs in a relationship. Get out now before you wind up owing 3/4 of your net worth to somebody who hates you just as much.


Angry that their spouses don’t hate Trump with the same zeal, women brain-dead leftist female zombies are walking away from their husbands


Limited, constitutional government, with lots of personal responsibility


The left’s unlimited government and loads and loads of personal license the consequences of which are to be paid by the unborn, workers, and future generations saddled with government debt.

It is hereby DECREED that the petition for divorce is GRANTED on the grounds of IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES.

The lucky husbands should be grateful that Trump exposed the fact that they were married to idiots.

A woman that stupid does not deserve to be married.
I would keep them away from my children if at all possible.

The best real estate deal Trump ever made was acquiring the empty spaces in these women’s heads.

This is what we are dealing with

Crazy, insane women

Only pusseymen would stay with them

All the anger and inadequacies of their insufferable and insufficient lives have been revealed by President Trumps election

Screw them

Screw them all

    Valerie in reply to gonzotx. | November 28, 2018 at 10:14 pm

    You missed the point of the article: these women do not want to screw. This is their big threat. They allegedly have defective pair bonds. They allegedly are using politics as an excuse to destroy their families, instead of using politics to protect and support their families.

    Maybe Molly Langmuir is a Russian, just trying to stir up dissention. Or maybe she just read Lysistrata and decided to trivialize it.

These women don’t deserve their husbands if they’re going to be that incredibly stupid. They make me embarrassed to be a woman.

Antifundamentalist | November 28, 2018 at 8:59 pm

It isn’t legitimate to blame a person you have never met for choices that You have made. That is the territory of the deranged.

To the best of my knowledge, my wife and I discussed politics only once. She said she was liberal. Knowing her, I asked a subject she identified herself as being liberal.

She said, “gun control”

I asked, “what is your position?”

She responded, “everyone should have one”

I said, “magnanimous, not liberal”

Good God. If those people don’t have something to be unhappy about, their lives are without meaning.

Each one of these men has violated Rule Number One.

Here’s an example. Husband attempts to fly home from his Mother’s funeral, unfortunately he married a harridan anti Trumper who gets them both kick off the plane.

He’s a beta. Typical of the simpering cucks we have in our own party. His own wife certainly doesn’t respect him – she’s more interested in poking the Deplorables than comforting her grieving husband.

Guys, don’t stick your dick in crazy. Just walk away.

Uh-huh. Nineteenth Amendment. These mental/emotional pygmies—millions of them—can vote. Result? Death spiral of the Republic.

I don’t believe it.

I don’t believe it any more than I believe that a 25% tip is remotely appropriate for ordinary restaurant service, but I’ve seen that number as an option at a TAKEOUT place.

This story is does not name real names, so we have no real proof that any woman ever even said this nonsense.

Just because Molly Langmuir had editors dumb enough to put it into print is also no proof that she’s anything but the latest version of Jayson Blair

It’s been going on a while, and has severely picked up steam since 2016. Take this dissection of a solipsistic “lady” complaining that their men aren’t liberal and concerned ENOUGH

As Newton might say: For every action, there is a reaction.

Check-out the “MGTOW”/”Red pill” movement (Men Going Their Own Way) that is a reaction to the likes of “Sarah, a thirty-something.”


Woman are rebelling, too:

It’s called a mid-life crisis.

And feminists SCREAM when men leave their wives because they ‘find a passion they want to spend all their free time doing it’.

I read through the article and it’s really just sad…thankful that my wife isn’t nuts.

And if their husbands are smart they will be thankful she walked out.

sotto voce: wonder if any of the husbands lack a “Y” chromasome?

Nothing to do with them being loud, bull dyke leather freaks that haven’t seen their husbands sober since the Bush election?

Not long after Trump was elected, I ditched the tighty-whities and went back to boxers. Freedom is a beautiful thing. 😉

“I told him I really wanted and I didn’t feel I could do that within the confines of our marriage.”

Only the name of the want changes. The rest of this is as old as marriage itself.

Yes, they are crazy.

They are also motivated, and logical arguments won’t deter them. This is what we have to contend with in 2020 – a campaign of personalities, slogans and feelings masquerading as issues. Oprah should make a fortune.

Humorous and philosophical comments aside, my marriage of 23 years ended last July due to politics and the new SJW movement. My ex was a strong Clinton supporter and would readily sleep with Bill given the opportunity. One of my step-sons is a graduate of The Clinton School. And my daughter was being influenced by both of them. I was constantly told that women would lose all of their rights, yadda yadda yadda.

It sucks being 60 and divorced and yes, I blame social media and the political climate for driving a wedge between us.

Oh well. And did I mention that it sucks being 60 and divorced?

    That’s too bad. How many lives ruined by the “enlightenment” of the left. How many families broken? How many lives shattered?

    At one time, marriage and family were life long things. Just like you would not disown a difficult child who put you through a rough time, you would not give up on your spouse or family. Give the SJW time, and they will be okay with abandoning the kids too. If it feels good – do it.

The return of Hypno Toad?

These people are insane. We are living through an actual “Day of the Locusts”.

The confirmation of Trump Derangement Syndrome!

Voice_of_Reason | November 29, 2018 at 8:58 am

first of all, carrying a picket sign is for narcissistic losers (the worst kind of narcissists). it accomplishes nothing. ditto for wearing pussynhats. if you walk around with a pussyhat or a picket sign you are fooling yourself into believing anyione in the real workd gives a sh** about your sophomoric opinions.

second, good riddance. don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya on your way out.

I had that happen to me — not a wife but a long term relationship. I hope Obama is providing her with all the love an comfort she gave up for political passion.

The wretched, radical ideology of ‘The personal is political’ is a suckass recipe for disaster.

Enjoy your future of hate, loneliness, and alcohol, Ladies. You’ll be in good company with a failed democrat presidential cadidate.

It seems these women have found a new religion, perhaps a cult as they allow no dissent or non-believers. This definately isn’t jut politics anymore. They believe their own propoganda!

Why is it that when I saw the term “activist women” in my e-mail from LI that I knew it was about far-left women? I didn’t even have to read the article to find out.

Are conservative women all inactivists?

“Feminists” infected with acute TDS leaving their husbands, so I guess this is a good time to invest in cats.

Recently met a divorced leftist guy who was, of course, no fan of Trump. I asked him why he was divorced after so many years of marriage. No, it wasn’t Trump, it was transgender bathrooms. He thought the thing ludicrous. SHe didn’t. They got a divorce. This goes way beyond Trump for these nutcase women…..(see above Kavanaugh story).

This must be a joke. Like the two college professors who put out the craziest leftist nonsense to see if it would get published. If these are real women, these guys hit the lottery when they left them.

    MajorWood in reply to Jackie. | November 29, 2018 at 1:50 pm

    The frosting on the divorce cake is that the in-laws go poof too. Had I met them earlier in the relationship, it likely would not have progressed to marriage. Marriages are more about cultural expectations than superficial attraction, and we were clearly from two different tribes of white people (hers being bay area, me Ohio).

Another ground for impeaching Trump — alienation of affection.

The mentally unhinged are everywhere!

God Bless Trump for saving these men from being trapped in marriage’s with such harridans. Additionally, these women will now be identified in divorce court documents as being insane and can now get the court-mandated help they need.

Just because a liberal rag found a few women to who say they are leaving their marriage over Trump I don’t buy it. I don’t understand why conservation websites promote this crap. Yeah, there are some nutters out there but why give them even more publicity. They probably got more views off this site than they did on their site.

    LastRedoubt in reply to floridaman. | November 29, 2018 at 1:14 pm

    It’s more than one rag, and while I’ve not personally seen any breakups, I have a front row seat to several relationships where the husband, for not siding against Kavanaugh automatically, etc., have been publicly shamed as right wing, hitler, etc., what’s wrong with them.

My reaction to the headline and most of the story is summed up quite well in the last two paragraphs!

The perversion of Progressivism is the cause of most of these women’s problems and they are blind to it!

Should we start a dating service for people who don’t hate Trump?

Let’s see if I have this straight.

Activist women aren’t destroying their own marriages. Trump is.

Alrighty then. I’d discuss more but I have to leave the discussion and go and oppress the 24% of the U.S. population that is brown/black. Yes, they really are being held down by “The Man,” and I’m the man.

It has nothing to do with white liberals poisoning their minds their entire lives, as demonstrated by the fact that black immigrants do far better economically than native born blacks. No, that couldn’t be it. Apparently it’s just me.

The idea Trump is destroying these people’s marriages just make makes me like Trump more.

We’ve elected the first President in U.S. history with superpowers.

I quess if Maude was still aLive, she would leave Arthur.

It’s ‘legitimize,’ dammit!!! Please stop making words by adding unnecessary suffixes when there is a perfectly good word already in common usage that means the same thing.

Now for the substance: I think it’s pathetic that so many liberals seem to think that only by raising the level of their supposed commitment to that of an existential political crusade against the worst possible forms of evil that they can somehow be considered ‘woke.’ They obviously lack any sort of perspective upon: (a) contemporary events, (b) the actual differences that divide most conservatives from most liberals, (c) how insubstantial the actual threat each poses to the other, (d) history, (e) the relative duration of a good relationship (friendships as well as marriages) versus the duration of most political arguments, (e) the importance of having a civil society as opposed to a rock-throwing one, (f) how unimportant most of the burning issues of the day almost always seem a few years later, (g) life. In short, they exhibit the maturity of an excited twelve-year old whose favorite team has lost a close game. Those who aid and abet this hysteria for their own political ends should have A LOT to answer for.

It’s all win, as long as children weren’t in the marriage and losing a parent from this.