The Orlando Sentinel newspaper reports today that Attorney Mark O’Mara has joined the legal team for Michael Dunn, the Florida man who recently shot and killed apparent shoplifter Cristobal Lopez. Dunn has been charged with second-degree murder in the killing.

We previously covered the Michael Dunn case here:

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O’Mara is perhaps best known as co-counsel along with Attorney Don West for George Zimmerman in his murder trial over the killing of Trayvon Martin. Both O’Mara and West provided a stellar legal defense for Zimmerman in a case against which Prosecutor Angela Corey threw every resource at her disposal.

Ultimately, of course, Zimmerman was justly acquitted by a unanimous jury after mere hours of deliberations, following 14 months of investigation and trial.

In separate news, the Orlando Sentinel also reports that Michael Dunn has resigned from his position as a City Commissioner for Lakeland FL.


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