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U. Texas Admin and Faculty Donate Overwhelmingly to Democrats

U. Texas Admin and Faculty Donate Overwhelmingly to Democrats

“94.7 percent went to Democrat politicians or Democrat organizations”

If anything else on college campuses was this unbalanced, it would be called out by the left as unfair and lacking diversity.

Campus Reform reports:

EXCLUSIVE REPORT: 96.1 percent of University of Texas administrators, 93.5 percent of faculty donated to Dems

Campus Reform analyzed the 2017-2018 political donation records of employees at the University of Texas (UT), using publicly available records from the Federal Election Commission, in order to determine the political leanings of faculty and administrators at the college.

According to the Campus Reform analysis, 96.1 percent of all UT system administrators who donated to political candidates or causes gave a total of $36,852.20 to Democrat politicians or Democrat organizations, such as Texas Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke and New York congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

In total, UT employees donated $642,693.43 from 2017-2018. Of that amount, 94.7 percent went to Democrat politicians or Democrat organizations, while just 5.3 percent of the donations were made to Republican politicians or Republican organizations.

In total, 917 faculty members, specifically, donated a total of $481,853.56 to politicians or political organizations. They contributed 93.5 percent of the money to Democrat politicians or organizations, such as the Texas Democrat Party and End Citizens United. Just 6.5 percent of donations went to Republican politicians or Republican causes.

Of 140 UT administrators, 137 donated $36,852.20 to Democrat political candidates and politicians. Three UT administrators gave a total of $1,500 in donations to Republican politicians or organizations from 2017-2018.


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I would like to know what the percent faculty at Texas A&M support the Dem side. UT has always been known to be liberal but I fear the trend may be the same at A&M.
In the article, the author links a video stating that Beto O’Rourke supporters can not name his accomplishments. Has a Texas citizen, I have been underwhelmed with his ads: they are all feel good ads (don’t let your vote be carried by fear and anxiety……) but are very low on actual content/policy statements. I find that frightening. The people voting for him do know know what they are voting for at all…..just a guy who says all the right things.

What a surprise – NOT. The UT system is spread around the state, but I suspect this data is about the UT home in Moscow on the Colorado.

UT is shocked by these data. They will immediately begin purging out the single digit percentile group that do not donate to the cause.