Isn’t it fascinating how this is the solution for so many of the left’s favorite causes?

The College Fix reports:

U. Minnesota scholar: Capitalism must be ‘systematically dismantled’ to save planet

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently came out with a report on the “seriously alarming” situation in which we find ourselves, one which the BBC calls “the most significant warning about the impact of climate change in 20 years.”

The report notes differences between allowing global temperature to rise by 1.5 and 2.0 degrees Celsius, and says that in order to get greenhouse emissions down 45% by 2030, it’ll have to be curbing emissions, altering lifestyles, and planting trees “acting in concert at the same time.”

Wired is a lot less diplomatic about the crisis: If we don’t keep emissions at a steady 1.5 degree temperature rise in the next dozen years followed by going carbon-neutral by 2050, “the consequences will be disastrous.”

“The technological and social change the world needs dwarfs anything that’s come before in history,” the article states, and quotes a spokesperson for the climate group as saying “We are in the middle of the climate crisis […] at the end of the day, what we’re talking about is millions of lives at stake.”

A visiting scholar at the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment was even more blunt: In order to save Earth, capitalism must be destroyed:


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