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U. Minnesota College Republicans Banner Vandalized for Third Year

U. Minnesota College Republicans Banner Vandalized for Third Year


Why should progressives on campus show Republican students any respect when Democratic party leaders are endorsing this type of behavior?

The College Fix reports:

For third year in a row, U. Minnesota College Republicans’ mural is vandalized

For the third consecutive year, the University of Minnesota College Republicans’ mural on a local bridge has been vandalized.

The Washington Avenue Bridge plays host to mural “panels” from many campus organizations. This year’s CR panel featured slogans such as “Make the U Great Again” and “The Proposed Pronoun Policy Mocks Real Social Issues.”

According to the Minnesota Daily, at some point Friday evening someone spray-painted “QUEER POWER” over the CR’s panels.


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You rarely, if ever, hear about such incidents directed at Liberal displays, despite the fact that Liberals and their media lapdogs would publicize such incidents far and wide.

“One is an incident.
Twice is co-incidence.
Three (or more) times is enemy action.”

DFL scaredy-cats can’t handle the continued decline.