The school already has a Latin American Studies department, but that’s just not enough.

The College Fix reports:

Emory University students demand ‘Latinx’ studies department

Emory University is seeking at least three professors with backgrounds in “contemporary Latinx studies” to start up a fledgling department of the same name.

School officials were, according to The Emory Wheel, spurred along by students’ “urgency of moving forward quickly,” during a meeting at the end of the spring semester.

Students enrolled in the “Latino/a Civil Rights Movement” class had sent a letter to Emory President Claire Sterk demanding creation of a Latinx studies department, as well as a doctoral program in African-American studies.

The school already has a Latin American and Caribbean Studies department, but the petitioners want a program that “directly studies Latino culture in the U.S.”

From the story:

“Part of the College’s strategic plan calls for increasing our scholarly work in the study of race, inequality and resilience,” [College Dean Michael A.] Elliott said.

Sofia Garcia (20C), who signed the April letter to Sterk, said hiring three new faculty members is insufficient.

“We would like to see a greater amount of courses that cater to our needs as Latinx students,” Garcia wrote in an Oct. 15 email to the Wheel. “We want to see professors who look like us, be with students who think like us, while taking courses that pertain to us.”