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Student Questioned by Administrators for Holding Guns at Off-Campus Event

Student Questioned by Administrators for Holding Guns at Off-Campus Event

“school acted on concerns from another student”

The student was at an event at a sporting goods store and was photographed holding unloaded guns. What business does the school have asking about it?

The Washington Examiner reports:

College administrators force student into hostile meeting for simply taking pictures with unloaded guns

Should holding an unloaded gun at an off-campus event lead to questioning from college administrators?

This seems like an absurd question, but based on a report from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, that’s exactly what happened to Anand Venigalla, a student at Long Island University Post, a small liberal arts college close to New York City.

Venigalla, a junior, attended an event hosted by the popular sporting goods store, Cabela’s. That event was off-campus and unaffiliated with the university or his studies. After attending, he posted photos and videos of himself holding various firearms to his personal Facebook. All of the images are either of him clearly in the store or holding antique weapons under the supervision of an instructor.

Even for gun control activists, that’s pretty inoffensive.

Long Island University Post, however, didn’t see it like that. Instead, university spokesmen Gordon L. Tepper told the Washington Examiner that the school acted on concerns from another student. That promoted administrators to call Venigalla in to answer questions about his Facebook post.


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Intimidation game. Virtue signalling.

I like to think I would tell the school it’s none of their business and I would answer none of their questions, but can the student risk not answering.

I have no problem believing a student was “triggered” by seeing a fellow student holding a firearm. After all, it is not only in the state with Cuomo as Gov., but well within the NY City SMSA. While C.W. Post, part of the LI University system, is a private entity, the Socialist-Democrats control the vast majority of faculty across the country, the NY State government, Nassau County (which is no longer a Republican stronghold) and the City of New York. The adminstration of C.W.Post know by which side their bread is buttered.

Somewhat Confused | October 14, 2018 at 1:29 pm

I’m a few score years older than when I was in college but I think he should have brought a lawyer with him and, when the lawyer was rejected, worn his cell phone on a lanyard to video the entire session. Makes for excellent evidence at the trial.