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Speaker at St. Olaf College Bashes Trump as ‘Islamophobic’

Speaker at St. Olaf College Bashes Trump as ‘Islamophobic’

“absolutely targeting Muslims and people of color”

This school has become a hotbed of leftism. In recent years, there was a campus race hoax which was carried out to force mandatory race and gender classes.

Campus Reform reports:

St. Olaf speaker bashes Trump, ‘Islamophobia, Inc.’

A speaker at St. Olaf College in Minnesota insisted that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is “targeting” people of color and Muslims.

Doran Schrantz, director of the liberal activist group Isaiah, focused her Oct. 2 talk, titled “Islamophobia, White Nationalism and Politics in Minnesota,” at St. Olaf College on questioning “who is benefiting” from the “white nationalism” she sees as commonplace in modern politics.

“There is a reworking inside the Department of Homeland Security that is absolutely systematic and is absolutely targeting Muslims and people of color,” Schrantz told students.

“Who’s an example of somebody whose political interest has been met by feeding Islamophobia and white nationalism?” Schrantz asked. She answered her own question, saying “yes, we can name names.”

When an audience member said “our current president,” Schrantz asked him for evidence, to which the participant responded, “there’s [sic] some videos out there; I don’t have specific quotes.”

“So you’re saying based on some things that he said,” the Isaiah director responded.


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Weirdo place.

A phobia is an unreasonable fear of something: water, heights, unusual sounding words, etc.. Islamophobia is problematic, as there are valid reasons for non-Muslims to be fearful of Islam, as it’s tenets call for the subjugation or elimination of all infidels (i.e. all non-Muslims). Many Muslims in this country, I’m tempted to say most of them, don’t study the Qu’ran closely and aren’t aware that their faith is actually a political/legal system that was designed by Mohammed to supplant every other system in the world. In short, Islam is not a “religion” as we know the word.

A distrust of Islam seems like an absolute positive to me.

Used to be a good school. Administrators/Trustees have let the weirdos take over.