Try to imagine the left’s reaction if Christian students demanded their own prayer rooms and then complained that they weren’t being maintained to their satisfaction.

The College Fix reports:

Campus prayer room conditions upset Columbia’s Muslim students

Muslim students at Columbia University are so irked at the conditions of on-campus prayer rooms that they’ve started a video campaign calling for improvements.

Muslim Student Association complaints include cleanliness and access issues, and “a lack of space in which female Muslim students feel comfortable praying.”

The Columbia Spectator reports the campus currently has four prayers spaces available, but Muslim students claim these “do not adequately meet the current needs” of the community. In addition, “aspects of the prayer spaces have discouraged them from being used for prayer,” and some students have felt humiliated “due to the lack of respect shown to holy spaces.”

The story notes Milbank Hall’s prayer space is a “poorly maintained” small room in the building’s basement.

“’It’s not a place I’d want any student to be in,” said Yeliz Sezgin, the Student Government Association representative for food and dining services at Barnard. “It’s a health hazard. It’s filthy, the floor looks like it’s never been vacuumed, the Quran was just thrown in the closet, and there was a shoebox with broken glass in the closet.”


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